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Statins Don't Work!
The Side Effects of Statin Medications!

by Sue McConnachie
(Kent, England)

Statins Don't Work!
The Side Effects of Statin Medications!

As a well controlled thyroid patient I was put on statins at the age of 54. At that point, my mental and physical health deteriorated.

I suffered from...

Memory Lapses

Cognitive Dysfunction

Muscle Weakness


Weight Gain

Abdominal Distension

Dry/Sore Skin

Hair Loss and Eye Problems

Finally, I just left work, unable to contemplate fighting for ill health retirement.

It was not until two years later, when I could barely walk that my new doctor took me off statins, and straight away my symptoms started to improve.

Moving to another area and new doctor aged 59, and they insisted I try another statin for a trial period.

Again I started suffering the same symptoms as before and I felt old and increasingly disabled, so I decided to finally stop taking statins for good.

In just a few days I started to feel better and my health is improving dramatically and I feel 10 years younger!

Statins Don't Work!
The Side Effects of Statin Medications!

Hello Sue,

Statins are the best selling drugs of all time.

Unbelievably, these medications account for almost $45 billion in sales world wide.

That's billions, not millions!

I've made this statement many times on this website, but I'm going to say it again, right here.

There is no evidence that statins medications reduce mortality in anyone, unless...

You're a male, over the age of 65, with clearly established heart disease.

Note that I said heart disease, (previous heart attack) and not simply high cholesterol.

That's a very, very small subset of people. Way to small to warrant close to $45 billion in annual sales.

If you're a woman of any age, with or without heart disease, statins will not decrease your mortality rate one bit, period.

Same goes for men under the age of 65, and ALL men who have had no history of heart disease.

Keep this in mind the next time you go to see your doctor.

When he automatically recommends that you go on a statin, (they all do) give him the information above.

When he claims with authority that you've got your facts wrong, ask him for proof!

Trust me, he won't have any!


Never go on any drug to simply chase a number on a lab report, especially if you aren't suffering any symptoms.


Because drugs always come with side effects!

If you need proof of this, re-read the message above.


I want to thank you Sue, for sharing your story here.

We need more of this type of information on the web.

Good luck to you!

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