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Statins, Niacin, & Cholesterol!

by John Berger
(Lakewood, Colorado)

Statins, Niacin, & Cholesterol!


I recently had a reunion with an old buddy.

We were reminiscing about old times and the subject of our High School Junior Prom came up.

I reminded Jim that he took the hottest gal in our class to the envy of many.


I then asked if he was taking a statin drug to lower cholesterol?

His response:

Yes, when I remember to take it!

He is the 3rd one that I know, so far, to suffer from impaired memory as a result of such drugs.

Another friend of mine has muscle problems to the extent that sometimes he can hardly get out of bed. I refuse to take that $#!t and take Niacin instead.

As a result my big number has gone from 212 to 146 w/HDL&LDL @ desirable levels.

In spite of this my doctor still thinks that I should be on a statin!!!!!!!!

I told him "not even at gunpoint"!

Statins, Niacin, & Cholesterol!

Hi John,

Good for you!

You were smart for telling the doc where he could put his prescription pad. If you had of fired him on the spot that would have been even better.

I have a story along the same lines I'd like to share with you...

I was at a dinner party with my wife two weeks ago.

There were 10 of us there sitting around the table after dinner talking, and the wine was flowing by the bucket full.

As we all know, alcohol has a tendency to bring the truth out in people, so when the subject of statins came up people began to talk.

It all started with the guy sitting next to me who had just been switched from one statin to another after experiencing severe muscle pain.

The switch hadn't done him a bit of good, because he was still suffering even though he was well medicated at the time on alcohol.

After his rant, the host jumped into the conversation, and proudly proclaimed that his stain was doing him nothing but good.

I didn't say anything, but inside I was shaking my head. As a matter of fact, I'd told my wife 6 months earlier that he'd gone on a statin.

How did I know?

Based on an earlier conversation I'd heard that his doctor was working on his cholesterol numbers.

Plus, the last time I saw him he'd lost his spark, his edge.

You see, statins suck the life out of a man, and this guy had been sucked dry.

He was no longer funny, intelligent, or interesting to talk to. The party was going on all around him, and he was rarely a participant.

He'd turned into a spectator in life.

Statins, Niacin, & Cholesterol!

As the conversation moved around the room, I soon discovered that every single male sitting at that table was on a statin medication


Every single guy, except me!

Then the ladies started to talk, and a slightly less ugly picture began to emerge...

This time around, there were two people not on the drug...my wife and one other woman.

Here's the kicker...

All of these people were still in their 40's, and none had suffered any sort of cardiac event.

Since statins have absolutely no impact on mortality in the above group, these drugs and their side effects were entirely unnecessary.

Smells like malpractice to me!


When it comes to cholesterol, lower isn't always better.

As a matter of fact, if you drop too low your chances of suffering a premature death go up.

You doctor may never tell you this, but facts are facts!

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Statins, Niacin, & Cholesterol to
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