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Binge Drink Definition!

Binge Drink Definition!
How Excessive Drinking Lowers Your Sex Hormones

You and I are going to find out right now if you've been pushing the envelope with alcohol.

And we're going to accomplish this by having you answer two simple questions.

When you consume alcohol, do you normally...

  • Suffer from alcohol depression the following day?
  • Experience hangover symptoms once the party's over?

If you can say yes to either question, I can guarantee you, you're underachieving in the testosterone production department.

Binge Drink Definition

Let me explain...

Research has proven that excessive alcohol consumption takes out your testosterone with a brutal one two punch.

Blow number one goes after the testosterone already in your system, by breaking it down and removing it from your blood stream.

This occurs because of an agent called testosterone reductase, an enzyme which increases dramatically after an alcohol binge.

This enzyme works in harmony with your liver, and it's primary job is to break down testosterone, and eliminate it from the body.

When you experience hangover symptoms, or suffer from alcohol depression, you can count on the fact that testosterone reductase is flying high in your system.

And high levels of reductase mean one thing, and one thing only...your testosterone levels are going down fast!

Binge Drink Definition


Blow number two goes after your internal testosterone production rate.

Here's how this destructive process begins...

When you drink, alcohol is rapidly converted to acetaldehyde then to acetate by your body.

The acetate is then acted on by enzymes and is eventually metabolized into carbon dioxide and water, before it is eliminated from your system.

Now here's the key point to remember...

Consume MODERATE amounts of alcohol, and your liver will take care of this entire process, with no problems at all.

But if you go overboard and drink too much, the enzyme stores in your liver will eventually dry up.

At this point, your body is going to need to find more enzymes, and the only place they can be found is inside your testicles.

And once your boys are distracted with this alcohol problem, testosterone production inside your testes shuts down quickly.

And this happens because the enzymes that are used to convert alcohol to acetaldehyde, are the exact same enzymes your testicles use to produce testosterone.

Combine this with the fact that acetaldehyde is even more toxic to the leydig cells in your testicles than alcohol is...and it becomes very clear why most male alcoholics develop severe testicular atrophy.

Binge Drink Definition!

How Excessive Drinking Lowers Your Sex Hormones

So you've taken your first two blows, and are ready to get up off the floor, but this battle isn't quite over yet.

As a matter of fact, this fight is going to continue on for a MINIMUM of 48 hours.

Here's what comes next...

Your body reacts to this assault by increasing production of the stress hormone, cortisol.

And once cortisol levels spike, a negative feedback mechanism kicks in causing down-regulation of genes which signal the body to manufacture testosterone.

This slows down your T production even further...and that production will remain suppressed as long as your cortisol levels are high.

So now what?

Let's get back to the testicles, because if anything can save us now, it's those boys we rely on so much.

Researchers have studied the effects of alcohol and testicular function, and have found that spermatogenesis, or sperm production is negatively impacted as well.

In clinical trials, men given alcohol chronically show advanced injury to the site of sperm production within the testis.

Researchers also found that alcohol has a negative impact on testicular dehydrogenase levels.

Dehydrogenase is an agent that converts vitamin A in your testes, so it can be used to manufacture sperm.

When this dehydrogenase is used to metabolize alcohol instead, spermatogenesis slows down, and ejaculation volume drops as a result.

One study performed on rats found that a diet consisting of 5% ethanol reduced testicular weight by a whopping fifty percent.

But there's even more...
binge drinking definition

Acetaldehyde metabilism in the testicles also reduces production of glutathione.

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant which protects your testicular tissues and membranes from the destructive process know as lipid peroxidation.

When your glutathione levels drop after a binge, lipid peroxidation kicks into overdrive, leading to further testicular injury and decreased testosterone production in your body.

I could continue on and on here, and discuss the massive estrogen spikes, the erectile dysfunction, increased gynecomastia risk, and more, but I think we all get the point by now.

So let's switch this discussion from negative to positive, and talk about how you can consume alcohol, without destroying your male reproductive system.

How to Drink Without Lowering Testosterone Levels

First off, you need to find out exactly where your hangover threshold lays.

In other words, figure out how much you can drink, without feeling ANY negative effects whatsoever the following day.

Your canary in the coal mine in this case will be the hangover symptoms and alcohol depression discussed earlier.

For example...

If two alcoholic beverages at dinner do not slow you down the following day, but a third does, two drinks is your new number.

Go ahead and consume those two glasses, without guilt, as research has proven that alcohol in moderation is good for you.

A study performed by the Research Laboratories of the Catholic University of Campobasso found that moderate alcohol consumption reduced mortality from all causes by 18 percent.

Moderate alcohol consumption also reduces cognitive impairment, diabetes risk, asthma complications, and heart disease.

But the keyword here is moderation, and your job is to find out exactly what moderation means to you.

Once you've found your magic number, make sure you stick to it without fail.

Do this, and you'll reap the health benefits of moderate alcohol consumption, without experiencing any negative hormonal side effects.


One word of advice to those with a personal or family history of alcoholism.

If this describes you, do yourself and everyone around you a big favor, and DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

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