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Foods High in Estrogen!


Foods High in Estrogen!
3 Foods that Promote Estrogen Accumulation in Men

I was researching soy isoflavones and it's feminizing effect on men, when I stumbled onto a transgender blog.

Transgender as in, I'm a boy now but I'd much rather be a girl.

In this blog post, the author was discussing a technique called "Herbal Feminization" commonly used as a non medical way to begin the transformation from male to female.

In other words, I'm not ready for the emasculating drugs or the penis removal yet, I'd rather dip my toe in the water first...lose a little body hair, grow some hips, sprout some breasts.

There were several comments at the bottom of the post, as well as a link to a forum discussing the topic, and let me tell you, several of these men were quite successful at achieving these goals.

But one particular post out of the hundreds I read that night really stuck out to me.

I quote...

Harvard Medical school studied Soy Isoflavones and concluded that the estrogen-like substance had benefits. Armed with this and other studies I tried it, and found out that it had mild to medium feminizing effects on my body. At one point I stopped growing facial hair altogether, and my skin completely changed in texture, my hips rounded out and my belly fat shifted to my butt. I actually stopped using it when my male parts started to shrink and my breasts started to grow round and pointy. It was feminizing me all over.

Keeping this information in mind, along with the details in This Post, let's all agree to add soy to the top of our list of estrogen promoting foods.

Moving on...

Foods High in Estrogen!
3 Foods that Promote Estrogen Accumulation


I'm going to break some hearts now and get into item number 2...

Liquid Bread, otherwise know as good old fashioned Beer!

Here are the cold hard facts on this food item...

3 to 4 ounces of hops, a primary ingredient in beer, contain up to three hundred thousand IUs of estrogen, most of it in the form of estradiol.

And as we've discussed many times before, estradiol is the agent responsible for most Testicular Atrophy development in men.

Estradiol actually goes directly after the leydig cells in your testicles, shutting down testosterone production, increasing sex hormone binding globulin, leading to lower free testosterone levels in the blood.

Proof of hops estrogen like activity was first discovered in the hop fields in Germany where older females working the crops developed menstrual cramps, while the younger gals hit puberty way ahead of schedule.

All you have to do is look at any hardcore beer drinker to see these same plant hormones in action in men...the big protruding gut, the soft squishy body, and the round fleshy man-boobs

I once had an argument with a heavy beer drinker on this Hop - Man-Boob connection, which ended pretty quickly when I showed him that the first ingredient in almost EVERY breast enlargement pill on the market is hops!

By the way, the beer drinker who was doing the arguing had a decent set of boobs to back up the big belly residing underneath his shirt.

Self denial can be a powerful thing.

estrogen promoting foods

If you happen to be a beer man, and can see your testicles shrinking at the same rate your gut is growing in size, consider drinking Fraoch Heather Ale or Alba Scots Pine.

Both are widely available, and are brewed without any hops whatsoever.

When these aren't available, and you can't desist, opt for lighter beers in clear glass bottles, as it's the hops that give beer it's skunk taste once exposed to UV light.

As a result, hoppy beer is almost always bottled in brown or green glass. Clear glass is a clue that the beer has a lower than average hop content, especially if it's a filtered and processed light beer.

Foods High in Estrogen!
Foods that Promote Estrogen Accumulation

Estrogen Promoting Food Number 3: Conventionally Produced Meat

A study presented in June 2010 at the American Society of Clinical Oncology reported that U.S. beef contains relatively high levels of estrogen.

But Brazilian beef, tested at the exact same time, contained very low levels of estrogen, because beef in Brazil is grassfed and not injected with hormones.

The authors of this study said that dietary estrogen intake from meat promotes estrogen accumulation in the human body and could influence the incidence of hormone-dependent cancers.

And if this industrial meat contributes to estrogen accumulation in the body, it most definitely has a negative impact on Testosterone and testicular function in men.

And don't think that pork, chicken, or turkey are much safer...

foods high in estrogen

The laws that prevent farmers from administering female hormones to these animals are on the books, but they don't do us much good.


Because these animals are fed cheap grain products that are produced conventionally. Conventionally produced, as in corn and soy beans loaded with antibiotics and estrogen promoting pesticides.

Couple that with the fact that soy in itself is an estrogen promoting food, and you'll understand why chickens in the US often contain high levels of estrogen.

In the study mentioned above, concentrations of estradiol and estrone in US chicken fat tested at 20.7 and 54.6 respectively.

The more naturally raised Brazilian chickens tested close to zero, CONFIRMING that how an animal is raised and fed determines it's eventual estrogen content.

The take home message?

Switch to organic, free range animals that have not been fed soy if at all possible.

Foods that Promote Estrogen Accumulation

When purchasing beef, go for 100 percent grassfed, which is now widely available throughout the US. Switch to organic produce at the same time to further reduce exposure to estrogen promoting pesticides.

You're going to pay a bit more for these products, but the hormonal dividends will make it all worthwhile.

Foods High in Estrogen!
Foods that Promote Estrogen Accumulation


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