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Natural Growth Hormone Release!

Boosting HGH Levels, Naturally

natural growth hormone release

Natural Growth Hormone Release!

The response to yesterdays post, The Cons of Injecting Growth Hormones, was overwhelming.

Here's what a typical comment looked like..

We ALREADY know that injecting HGH is not the way to go, so give us an alternative!

OK, let's do it...

How to boost HGH levels Naturally

I can tell when I've had a natural growth hormone release...and I can tell every single time.


Because three things happen inside my body that tell me, the HGH has arrived so get ready, because good things are about to happen.

Here's the first...

My body develops a pumped up look, like I've just spent 2 hours slinging weights around in the gym.

Now, if you know anything about me, you know I NEVER spend 2 hours doing any type of exercise, but that's a whole other topic.

So will skip right by this and move onto...

Number 2

My energy levels go through the roof.

This is especially true if my testosterone levels are dialed in that day.

As a quick side note, if your testosterone levels are NOT dialed in, that should be your main priority.


Because walking around with low HGH is not much fun at all, but suffering with low testosterone is absolutely devastating to a man.

And finally, number 3...

My sex drive goes through the roof!

I know most of us don't associate growth hormone with increased sex drive, but trust me...

A spike in HGH will lead to a spike in sex drive, every single time.

But the question remains...

How do we get the body to deliver a natural growth hormone release?

Well, I'll tell you one thing for certain...

You don't need to pull out your wallet and spend $199, plus shipping and handling, on any of the insanely overpriced HGH products you'll find all over the web.

Sure, you can still use HGH boosting supplements, but you need to go for value and quality, not marketing hype!

Let's talk a little more about this right now...

I occasionally cycle a combination of individual amino acids, that when mixed together, cause a consistent, and reliable growth hormone release in my body.

There are...





The list of amino's above, pretty much sums up the ingredient list of most of the overpriced HGH products on the market.

Sure they throw other stuff in, but the meat and potatoes can be found in the list above.

Now here's the real kicker...

The Tyrosine costs me a whopping $6.95, and will last me for several months.

Same goes for the Arginine at only $8.95, the Lysine at $7.95, and Glutimine for around ten bucks.

As you can see, these individual amino's drop in price, real fast...once you lose the slick packaging, and massive marketing budget lurking behind most HGH products

But don't get too excited yet!


Because the supplements are only part of the equation.

To really get your natural HGH production dialed in, you need to add in 2 more critical components.

Quality Sleep


Lactic Acid Producing Exercise.

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