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Testosterone and alcohol!

testosterone and alcohol

Testosterone and alcohol Facts

Studies of heavy drinkers have shown that alcohol directly suppresses testosterone levels.

The more you drink, the worse it gets.

And it's not just at the time you are drinking.

The biggest hit comes later, and spills into the following day...


Chronic Alcohol abuse is associated with low testosterone and altered levels of all male reproductive hormones.


Heavy drinkers are much more likely to develop male breasts (gynecomastia) and shrinkage of the testes (testicular atrophy).

This is caused by increased estrogen, and reduced levels of testosterone.

Heavy drinkers you should take this supplement to protect the liver

And this supplement to reduce estrogen levels

Binge Drinking Definition!

Here are a few binge drinking facts!

Binge drinking refers to the heavy consumption of alcohol over a short period of time

The generally accepted definition of binge drinking is the consumption of 5 or more drinks in one sitting.

Heavy binge drinking includes 3 or more of these episodes in a period of 14 days or less.

Statistics on Drinking!

In Moderation...

The moderate consumption of alcohol is very effective in reducing the incidence of a broad range of diseases and other health problems.

A recent study published in the American Heart Association's journal found the non drinkers risk of stroke was double that of moderate drinkers.

Harvard researchers recently found moderate drinkers to be almost 1/3 less likely to suffer Artery Disease than those consuming less than one drink per week.

A recent French study found moderate drinkers to have a 75% lower risk for Alzheimer's Disease and an 80% lower risk for senile dementia.

Another Harvard University study found the lowest levels of hypertension was among young adults who consumed one to three drinks per day.

The bottom line!

Alcohol in moderation will not have a major impact on testosterone levels. 1 or 2 drinks appears to be pretty safe in the testosterone department.

Once you get into the 4 to 5 drink range, most men will start feel the effects, as testosterone levels will begin to decline.

If you like to drink, try to keep it to a of 2 or 3 drinks max, depending on your size, and ability to handle alcohol.


Choose an alcohol source other than beer.


Beer will increase your estrogen levels because hops, (the main ingredient in beer) are a highly estrogenic food.

3.5 ounces contain 30,0000 IU of estrogen.

Testosterone and Alcohol to

Testosterone and Alcohol to the

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