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Testosterone Supplement Dosage!

by Johnny
(Savannah, GA)

I just ordered almost everything in the $350.00 category of your Testosterone Plan.

I plan to start taking them ASAP, including wearing the Silver Zinger II.

I have read all of the dosages for the supplements and all seem to be at different times of the day, either with food or without, with other supplements or without.

I am wondering about the plan that you describe when you suggest taking the Testosterone Boosters on a 7 day cycle.

When I take a booster, say today, do I use the dosage that is on the bottle itself, or is there a special dosage to adhere for this plan?

I bought them all except for ZMA and HGH spray.

Testosterone Supplement Dosage!

Hi Johnny,

Congratulations, you've made the commitment, and set yourself up with all the tools you need to turn your life around.

Good job!

I answered most of your questions above a couple of weeks ago.

Follow the link below for more info..

Testosterone Booster Dosage

Some key points to remember...

Take each supplement for one day, and one day only, then cycle on to the next.

Pay attention to your urine stream at night, as well as your nipples.

If the urine is slow to come, or your nipples become sensitive, itchy, or sore, take chrysin or nettle root to bring Estrogen Levels down.

You've got an excellent stock of testosterone boosters on hand, so you're bound to experience hangover days. Days when the T boost from the previous day carries over into the next.

When this happens, take a day off your supplements entirely. This will enhance the kick when you jump back onto the cycle.


You're going to experience a large boost in energy and motivation once these T boosters kick in.

Use this powerful force to make improvements in your life that will keep the snowball rolling.

Lose body fat, pack on muscle, and transform your body.


The lower your body fat, the lower your estrogen levels will be.


The more muscle you carry, the more testosterone you'll have running through your veins.

And don't forget, when testosterone levels are high, muscle building becomes a breeze.

Good luck!

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