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Testosterone Booster Dosage

by J H
(Jacksonville, FL)

Testosterone Booster Dosage

I've always been a skeptic and the only reason I've made it this far in your program is because I purchased the Blakoe Zinger Ring a few months ago and all I can say is that I'm a believer.

Only after a few weeks my wife’s exact words were "everything is looking bigger down there".

I don’t understand how it works but it does.

In the past I experimented with steroids, my left testicle shrank and never recovered.

It was this way for years until I started using the Blakoe Ring. Now everything is back to normal.

I’ve recently purchased Tongkat Ali, Yohimbe Bark, Catuaba Bark, Tribulus Terrestris, Horny Goat Weed, Rhodiola Rosea and the Passion Rx.

I understand that I need to cycle them to once a week but do I take the recommended dose?

For instance some of the herbs say to take twice a day etc...

I wanted to thank you for this site and the time that you have put into researching these products.

All the best,


Hello JH!

Guys who've played with steroids in the past seem to do real well the Blakoe-Ball Zinger, so I'm not surprised things have gone well for you.

Regarding your wife's comment, it's always a nice thing when your woman notices your package.

Especially when the word "bigger" enters the conversation!!!

You've got a nice stock of Testosterone Boosters on hand.

I'll try to give you some rough ideas on dosages, but you need to keep in mind that everyone responds differently, so your mileage may vary.

It may take a few cycles for you to perfect your dosages, but with a bit of trial and error, you'll get there.

First, never take any of your testosterone boosters more often than once a day.

Do so, and you'll enter the tolerance zone
real quick.

Take them first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach.

To notch things up a bit, you can chase them with half a bottle of 5 hour energy. This seems to enhance effects of these supplements somehow.

Nothing scientific here, but it's been working for me, and several of my site visitors who've tried it.

The 5 hour adds an additional kick that boosts the juiced up effect.

With the rhodiola, yohimbe, goat weed, and trubulus, start of with the recommended dosage at first.

These three can get buzzy, in a negative way if you take too much.

If they don't kick in strong enough, double up, and that should get you there.

I can get away with pretty hefty doses of catuaba and tongkat, and the only side effects are good ones.

Feel free to experiment with up to 4 times the recommended dosages for both of these supplements.

Just make sure you work your way up slowly.

Don't go from 2 caps to 10. Take it in small increments.

The dosage I recommend for the Passion Rx is 2 caps.

Take it when you know you're going to have some alone time with your woman, as you're going to feel the biggest testosterone hit on that day.

Ideally, you should take a day off testosterone supplements entirely following the Passion Rx, then you can jump right back onto the cycle the following day.

Thanks for the your question!


Testosterone Booster Dosage to

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May 01, 2014
Estrogen blockers
by: Joe

Hi Mark, is it better to take the estrogen blockers on days seperate from your testosterone boosters or should you take both each day? Thanks~ Joe

Hi Joe,

You're better off taking them with your T boosters to prevent T to E conversion via the aromatase process.


Oct 16, 2013
Tongkat Ali
by: Dave

Hi Mark,

I had started on your 7day test boost cycle, and everything was working great. But then i added tongkat ali into the mix. LJ100 100/1 extract , each cap 80mg. Please note it is not added into any of my other herbs. I took 1 cap in the morning and i have now tried it twice in about 2 weeks and each time it just seems to have an opposite effect and kills libido. Just wondering if you ever had this complaint before?


Hi Dave,

You may be experiencing estrogen rebound via the aromatization process. Try taking it with an anti-aromatase next time and I have a feeling you'll get better results.

I've been testing Bulbine natalensis lately and it works like a charm.


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