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The Testosterone Plan!

The Testosterone Plan

I get emails almost everyday asking the same questions…

Where should I start - What should I do first - Where do I go from here?

My answer is, put your wallet away and take care of business before you do ANYTHING!

I say this because our methods won't do you any good if you're ...

  • Severely Overweight
  • Using Several Medications
  • Over-Exposed to Chemicals
  • Consuming a Horrific Diet

The Testosterone Boosters, and other tools we use on this site can change your life…but your body HAS to be ready from them.

That's why I say, take care of business first!

Everything from here on out ASSUMES you've gotten the message above, and that you and I are on the same page here.

Sound Good?

Excellent, let's get started on your testosteorne plan now…

Natural Testosterone Boosters:

These supplements are the foundation of everything we do around here.

If you take these 7 products, and use them EXACTLY as recommended, your testicles are going to wake up….

Wake up and start producing more hormones, more sperm, more of the stuff you need to get your life back on track.

The key here is, you MUST follow the cycling protocols at all times.

Address all the items listed above, and cycle those supplements, and you're going to be 80 percent of the way to that promised land.

But I highly recommend you don't stop there!

Follow the testosterone plan below to get that next 20 percent…

Hormone Boosting Exercises:

I don't exercise just for the muscle or the fit body, I also exercise for the hormonal payout proper exercise delivers.

I never really understood how a guy could become addicted to exercise, until I started exercising for this payout.

Then I found my answer!

And that answer was, extreme mood elevation, energy, confidence, and the major boost in sex drive proper exercise brings into your life.

I'm going to make you a promise right now that's going to change your life….

Incorporate the short, brief, and intense exercise routines described on This Page, and you'll become an addict as well.

And you'll become so addicted, you'll have to talk yourself out of exercising too much.

How that for a change, a switch, a turnaround?


Penile Infatuation:

Younger men are consumed with penile infatuation…an activity closely tied to reproduction, sex drive, and youthful hormone levels.

They touch it, play with it, dream about it, and use it to engage in regular sexual activity.

But not us older men who've lost out on those essential sex hormones…

For us, the penis takes a back seat, fades into the background, becomes a very low priority.

This dip in infatuation, and in reproductive thoughts and activities, causes those hormones we need so much to decline even further.

What you're about to read is advanced stuff…that not required, but is certainly available if you want to move onto higher levels.

Here it is in a nutshell...

Become re-infatuated with your penis!

Take a youthful step back, start acting like a 20 year old again, then lay back and watch how your body responds…

The most effective way to make this transition is to begin performing These Exercises on a daily basis

And let me add a quick P.S. to the link just above…

Take heed of the advice on masturbation…it's EXTREMELY important.

Finally….Estrogen Control:

Testosterone and estrogen have a Yin & Yang thing going…when one is up, the other is always down.

That's why it's so important that you keep your estrogen levels firmly under control.

The keys to making this happen are…

Body Fat Reduction

Chemical Avoidance

Limiting Estrogen Promoting Foods

If your estrogen levels are above the optimal range, you'll experience a testosterone rebound as soon as you get your numbers back down where they belong.

The Testosterone Plan - A Few Final Thoughts:

There's your testosterone plan, all laid out for you in perfect detail.

You've taken the time to educate yourself, and now is the time for action!

Take the first step, complete one task NOW while things are fresh on your mind.

At MINIMUM, make a list of 3 action steps you plan to execute tomorrow.

For example…

I'm going to close things out with this…

Getting started is, without a doubt, the most difficult part!

But once you get that momentum going, once those male hormones begin to rise, you'll find that maintaining that momentum is almost effortless.

This occurs because a man fueled by plenty of male hormones becomes active, energetic and motivated, by default.

This means you'll want to exercise your body, you'll want to bring your penis back to life, you'll want to get your life back on track.

So do yourself a very big favor, and get rolling, NOW

Good luck!

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