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Testosterone Muscle Building!

How to Build Up Muscle


Testosterone Muscle Building!
How to Build Up Muscle!

Maintain optimal testosterone levels, and it's going to be easy to put on muscle. As a matter of fact, when you're having a high T day, you'll notice a mild pump even without lifting weights.

Testosterone is such powerful stuff, that a body builder injecting T can expect to put on 40 or 50 pounds of muscle in no time.

That being said, I don't advocate or recommend the use of steroids on this site.

If you're looking to get freaky huge, you should probably go somewhere else for your information.

What I advocate are natural testosterone boosting supplements and exercises that will lean you out, and pack on muscle that looks natural, healthy, and good on your body.


Testosterone is the juice that fuels muscle growth. Without it, you're going nowhere.

Read on to learn how to maximize your gains naturally by focusing your workouts around the mighty T.

Testosterone and muscle!

In men, testosterone levels are the highest first thing in the morning. The typical male will have levels 30% higher compared to the early evening.

Take advantage of this, and schedule your workouts in the AM.

Sleep quality and quantity can have a major effect on morning T levels, so it's important that you get a solid nights sleep, especially on workout days.

In a recent study with a small cohort of men aged 64 to 74, the amount of nighttime sleep was linked with a significant variability in morning testosterone levels.

Men who slept the least in this study, had significantly less testosterone upon waking in the morning, compared to those who slept the most.

Testosterone - Build Muscle!

The way you exercise can have a profound effect on your testosterone production, and muscle growth as well.

Complex, compound movements that recruit the maximum number of muscles will provide the biggest boost in T and muscle growth. Focus primarily on deadlifts and squats, in your routine for best results.

Use exercises that use fewer muscles, like curls, and one armed rows for sculpting and cutting.

A good rule of thumb is do the big compound movements first, then complete your routine with the smaller movements.


Take a natural testosterone booster on workout days. I like to take tribulus, tongkat ali or one of the other T boosters I cycle as soon as I wake up in the morning. If all goes well, by the time I hit the weights, I've got a nice dose of T running through my veins.

Once you begin the program, hit it hard. Intense workouts will give you the biggest gains. Remember not to over train, and take plenty of time off between sessions.

Testosterone Muscle Building Food....

Eat Testosterone Boosting Foods!

You need cholesterol to make testosterone. Eat old school bodybuilder foods to maximize testosterone production..

Eggs, beef, shrimp, chicken, fish, etc...

Worried about high cholesterol?

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Testosterone Muscle Building to BOOST YOUR LOW TESTOSTERONE

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