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Testosterone, Muscle, and the Paleo Diet!

Hi Mark,

Love your site!

And I agree with everything you say!

I tried being a vegetarian a couple of years ago drinking a ton of soy milk, what a mistake!

I had an upper respiratory infection every month for 8 months that year and was on antibiotics those same months.

Now I know we need saturated animal fats as it protects the lungs and has a ton of health benefits.

I've only been sick once since then and have found my muscularity from short intense weight training has improved immensely

One more thing to prove your point on eating the hunter gathers diet, the whole time I was trying to be a vegetarian all I did was crave meat, especially steak!!

I guess the body knows what it needs if a person is willing to listen!


Thanks for the feedback!

The paleo Diet combined with high intensity weight training is a marriage made in heaven, as you've discovered!

Regarding the vegetarian diet, anthropologists have been studying the diets of primitive hunter gatherer societies for more than 2 centuries.

In all that time, guess how many vegetarian societies they have discovered?


Yup, the closest they could find were tribes living in the tropics were there is a severe shortage of large animals suitable for hunting.

Jungles do not support large mammals, which makes hunting for meat extremely difficult.

Even these societies, under these difficult conditions managed to consume 30% of their calories in the form of meat.

Humans evolved eating it.

Meat is good for you, so don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise!


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