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How a little guy in a wheelchair took me to school

I ate at Outback Steakhouse Thursday night…

I was there with the wife fueling up after we'd done a weight

We sat at the bar so we could watch the Broncos - Ravens
game on the big screen…

We found a couple of empty seats and squeezed in between
two single guys.

One of them was about 10 pounds overweight. The other
about 10 pounds under.

So they were both in halfway decent shape.

I was feeling it when I walked in, so the lifting had given me
plenty of hormonal goodness.

I was confident, outgoing and verbal….

So when the wife ran to the bathroom I tried to mix it up with
these two guys….

But they were having none of it.

All I got were brief answers, along with a courtesy laugh or two.

In other words, these men weren't feeling too comfortable in
their own skin.

So I gave up.

I was standing up like I always do when I hit a bar.

But they were both sitting slumped shouldered...

Closed up and displaying extremely passive body language.

And anyone who glanced over would dismiss these two in an

So even though they were in a public place….

In a fun and social atmosphere, they were both closed up as
tight as clams.

So I got to thinking….

If I were coaching either one of these guys I'd have him stand up.

Place his arms wide on the bar. Make eye contact around the room.

Flash a smile or two.

Because that behavior right there would be enough to knock
T levels up 100 points.

No matter what your condition!

And this was proven 10 minutes later….

..,when a guy who was no taller than 5 feet flat came rolling into
the bar in a wheelchair.

He went straight up to the underweight guy and said in a
loud voice…

Where the hell you been?

Then he let out this huge boisterous laugh.

It was obvious he'd never met this man before because the
underweight guy was literally squirming in his seat.

It's was a funny thing to watch…

Here was this tiny little guy in the wheelchair and he was working
the room like a pro.

And despite all his physical disadvantages, he was making his mark.
Staking his claim...

And everyone in the bar was paying attention.

This experience reminded me that it isn't what you've got that
makes you as a man...

It's what you do with it.

And if the little guy in the wheelchair can make it happen...

So can you.

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