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Testosterone, Estrogen, & Body Fat!

by Anonymous

Testosterone Estrogen, & Body Fat!

Hi Mark,

I wrote to you about a month ago, thanks for your reply.

I'm 44 and now in week 7 seven of serious exercise and eating like a caveman, and I've also been on Testosterone Boosters for over 3 months now.

My objective is to fight Erectile Dysfunction, and lose weight and gain muscle.

Its working finally, after not knowing why I couldn't build muscle. The morning wood is a great thing also.

The reason for writing is to say I went to my urologist 2 weeks ago for another issue I had.

Before I left his office I asked him if I could get a testosterone test.

He looked at me with a strange look and asked why?

I then replied that I have been battling ED for a while and just wanted to see my numbers for my own info.

I then asked can I also get estrogen tested also.

He gave a really strange look and said again, why would I want to know my estrogen level?

I think he thought I was a little crazy to ask but he agreed.

I called today to get my results his nurse gave me the numbers.

Testosterone was 278 and estrogen 57.

Now I was little surprised about Testosterone because I feel such of improvement in my health.

I'm sure they were whole lot worse 3 months ago.

I can't wait to see how I feel when they improve even more. I just had a physical in Dec. and I have no issues at all.

I don't smoke I have an occasional drink maybe 0-6 a month.

I'm a good 30 pounds overweight, depending on muscle mass, maybe less.

I'm not a couch potato or a weekend warrior, I do physical work.

I understand everyone is different but how long
would it take someone to get testosterone over 500
and estrogen under 30 with the numbers I have?

Mark thanks for all the help you have given me
and so many others like me.

Your web site is great keep up the hard work!

Testosterone Estrogen, & Body Fat!


It sounds like you're doing everything right so far.

Eating the correct foods, building muscle, and cycling supplements

I'm glad you've experienced improvement, but based on your numbers, you still have a ways to go.

Fortunately, you provided lots of detail in your message, which gives us a clue what's happening here.

Remember, body fat is a breeding ground for estrogen.

Aromatase, the enzyme responsible for converting testosterone into estrogen, resides right there inside your excess baggage.

The 30 pounds of extra body fat explains why your numbers aren't perfect, despite everything else you're doing.

Your body is still converting T, into E, at a very high rate.

Your estrogen reading of 57 is proof of that!

Testosterone Estrogen, & Body Fat!

You asked...

I understand everyone is different but how long
would it take someone to get testosterone over 500
and estrogen under 30 with the numbers I have?

My answer is, as soon as you lose that extra 30 pounds!

But, as you've discovered, every little win takes you a bit closer to your ultimate goal.

You feel better now than when you started, and in a few more weeks, you'll feel even better yet.

Remember, if you really are eating like a caveman, the finish line is just around the corner.

That's because, a controlled carb, paleo diet, will peel of the weight faster than than anything else out there, period!

Especially if it's combined with muscle building exercises.

My advice...

Stay your current course!

Continue to eat like a man, exercise like a man, and you'll start feeling like more of man in no time.

Keep in touch, and let us know how things work out for you!

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