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Morning Wood!

(Morning Erections)


If you've stopped waking up with morning wood, here are some things you need to look at first.

Do you take any medications?

The list of medications that can cause erectile dysfunction is huge. Many of these drugs are way over prescribed by doctors.

The trend over the last 5 decades has been to medicate, medicate, medicate! Remember, drugs don't cure diseases or medical conditions. They mask, or reduce the severity of the symptoms, but they don't cure.

To cure, you need to Get to the Root of your Problem!

Quite often all you need to do to begin regain function, is..

  • Lose weight
  • Quit smoking
  • Exercise
  • Reduce consumption of refined carbs and sugars

Here are some other areas you need to explore if you've lost your morning wood...

Do you have excessive levels of Male Estrogen?

As you age, more and more of your testosterone gets converted to estrogen by your body. Follow the link above to learn how to stop it.

Do you suffer depression?

In a recent study with 203 participants, about 5% met the criteria for depression. The men who were depressed had significantly lower total and free testosterone levels compared to the men who were not.

Do you have heart disease?

Arteriosclerosis, or hardening and narrowing of the arteries, can make it difficult to acheive an erection due to the lack of blood flow to the penis. If you're over 60, there's more than a 60% chance this is contributing to your problem.

Do you have diabetes?

Almost 75% of diabetics experience erectile problems, including loss of morning wood. Why?

A couple of the basic requirements for producing an erection are healthy blood vessels and healthy nerves in the penis. Because both the blood supply and nerve endings are affected by diabetes, the chances of getting and sustaining an erection are reduced in diabetics.

Do none of the above apply to you?

Then try the following..

Get out in the sun!

Yup, plain old sunshine stimulates the production of luteninizing hormone, which signals your testicles to produce more testosterone. Plus, you'll look and feel better, which will boost your confidence and T levels.

Do high intensity weight training

Short duration, high intensity exercise, dramatically boosts growth hormone and testosterone levels. Your best bets are compound exercises that use more than one joint like, squats, bench press, and deadlifts. Do your exercises in the morning in a fasting state for an even bigger growth hormone boost.

Get 7 to 8 hours of quality sleep every night!

Poor quality sleep has been shown to lead to reduced levels of circulating androgens in healthy men. A good nights sleep will improve your chances of waking up with morning wood. Also consider taking a good ZMA supplement, which will help improve the quality of your sleep.

More than 152 million men worldwide suffer from erectile dysfunction. Less than 10% of these men seek treatment.


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