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Nocturnal Erections, Erectile Rings, & Testosterone Supplements!

by Anonymous


I'm a male in my mid 40s -- my drive and erections were constant up until my early 40s. Then I began to notice some differences.

For one thing, I found my drive just evaporated after a few drinks. (Alcohol used to be my friend as I could still get hard and totally delay ejaculation. Now it just keeps everything numb until it wears off.)

Anyway, the plumbing still works but no more spontaneous erections (or morning wood). Now it has to be worked a bit to stiffen.

I talked to my doctor, he said things were fine not to worry, but I know the difference. (I had him test for testosterone, don't recall the count off hand but he said it was in the "normal" range. Normal for whom?)

Like you I've been quite a student of Testosterone Supplements and diet, including the anti-estrogenic work of Ori Hofmekler (maybe you've heard of him, you're on the same page with the natural foods and cosmetic items.)

I take his anit-estrogenic tablets among some other things.

I've probably tried most of the same stuff, including ordering Tongkat from Indonesia (yes pricey and takes time to be delivered).

I ordered the Passion Rx based on your recommendation.

I'd add to your list anything with fenusterols -- there's a product from the America's Finest company I've taken that I've gotten results with. (More effective than Tribulus in my experience.)

Your cycling technique is interesting, and something I'll have to try.

My way was 4 weeks on, 4 weeks off, but the body does develop a tolerance pretty quick. I like the idea of only one day and move on to something new.

I do have one question though.

You have several lists of "must do" supplements, which confused me a bit. If you were to take 6 supplements per week (besides the Passion Rx) what would they be?

Also, is that penis Penis Erection Ring as effective as you claim? I'd be fine ordering that too.

Thanks for putting up this site.

Any further advice for me I'd appreciate hearing.

Nocturnal Erections, Erectile Rings, & Testosterone Supplements!


Yes, the ball zinger ring is effective, for some, much more so than others.

What I mean by that is, some guys respond miraculously, almost from day one, while others see a slow steady improvement.

Keep in mind...

You're not going to experience a Tongkat Ali like hit with this device, so don't expect that,


Over time, most men will experience more frequent Morning Erections, that continue to improve over time.

You asked about my favorite supplements.

I wrote a page on that subject about 2 weeks ago..

You can find it HERE

Additional advice?

That's easy...

Build Muscle

Keep Bodyfat Levels in Check

Control Male Estrogen Levels

Switch to a Testosterone Boosting Diet

Thanks for your Questions!


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Nocturnal Erections, Erectile Rings, & Testosterone Supplements to Boost Testosterone-Home

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Apr 19, 2011
Help, non stop erections
by: Anonymous

So Mark, i found your website when i was googling about erections....

I'm 15 years old, and i have a big problem down there.

The problem is, in the last few weeks, I can't stop the erections.

I mean, my penis doesn't want to go back to the flaccid state.

It's always like about 40 - 50% erect when I'm not stimulated.

I'm also horny all the time.

When I got stimulated, it stands up right away to 100% erection.

Can I cure this??

Please, please I need your help.

Hello Anonymous,

All I can say is, lucky you!

You're a normal 15 year old boy swimming in hormones, exactly as you should be.

My advice?

Channel this sexual energy you have into something productive, something big.

And when you can't take the pressure any longer?

You're right hand is your friend....

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