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Masturbation Questions!

by Adren


I'm 21 and having problems with my erections and my sex drive.

I never get any morning erections like I used to.

If I do get one, its when I watch porn or when I try to get it up myself, and it doesn't feel as hard and engorged as it use to.

I can still ejaculate and get some sort of an erection, but it doesn't last very long.

I'm not over weight I'm actually 5'11 but weigh like 155lbs. I don't smoke, drink, or anything like I used to.

I used to always smoke cigars, cigarettes, and marijuana constantly, and I would always make a habit of watching porn and masturbating every day more than twice.

I heard its bad to over work your body and make a habit of masturbating everyday and to ejaculate more than twice a day and I regret that I did, because now I'm old enough to know what I have done to my body.

I really would like to feel really sexually active, have normal erections and the desire to have sex with a woman without any problems.

Please help me find what sex herbs or info would fix this.

Thank you!

Masturbation Questions!

Hello Adren,

You masturbated excessively as a teenager, and this can only mean one thing...

You're normal!

Frequent masturbation causes no physical, mental or emotional risk whatsoever, unless it interferes with your relationships, or your productivity in life.

Masturbation leads to feeling of fear, guilt, shame, and remorse in many men, and I can smell a bit of this in your message to me.

I'm here to tell you, don't worry about it.

If you truly are suffering from low testosterone levels, and erectile dysfunction, I can guarantee you, it has nothing to do with masturbation.

There's obviously something else going on, and my advice to you is, buckle down, and find out exactly what it is.

Here's where I recommend you start...

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