Weak Orgasms & Small Ejaculation!

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Weak Orgasms & Small Ejaculation

Hi Mark,

The title says it all.

I barely feel orgasms when I have them and I ejaculate next to nothing.

At first I thought this was just a phase, but this has been going on now for months.

It really has me worried.

I'm only 33, so it's not like this is an age thing.

I just want to be normal again, please help.


Weak Orgasms & Small Ejaculation

Hi Mike,

Most of the regulars around here can attest to the fact that male hormones and ejaculations are very closely linked together.

This means that when hormone levels are high, ejaculation volume is high as well.

Since you're experiencing low output we can assume, right of the bat, that your testosterone levels aren't where they need to be.

What you need to do now is boost those levels in order to get ejaculation volume back up where it belongs.

Once this happens, your orgasm intensity problem will be solved, automatically.

Here's why...

The intensity of an orgasm is directly related to how many muscle contractions you have as you ejaculate semen out of your penis.

When you ejaculate in small amounts, 7 or 8 contractions may be about it for you.


When you're ejaculating a tablespoon or more of semen, you're going to contract up to 15 times.

That's almost double the amount of contractions, and double the amount of intensity.

So here's the key point to remember...

That tablespoon we just discussed should be the MINIMUM amount you'll ever tolerate, as once you fall below that level, you begin to fall in other areas as well...

Erection strength, sex drive, testicle weight and volume, and of course orgasm intensity.

So what do you need to do to get back on track?


Begin a cycle of Herbal Testosterone Boosters, to get your testicles functioning at a high level again.


Begin practicing Ejaculation Control / Orgasm without Ejaculation.

Ideally, you'll have a woman on hand to help you perform these exercises.

If not, no worries, as you can go solo as well.

Follow the link below for more details...

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