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Signs of Physical Attraction!

How to Read Female Sexual Signals

Signs of Physical Attraction!
How to Read Female Sexual Signals

When you walk into a room, women in your age group should look up and pay attention.

Why you ask?

Because when you've got it together, you become instantly attractive to the opposite sex.

Attractive, because a man who has his act together, exhibits certain traits that women find irresistible.

Traits that give out clear signals of health, status, strength, and self confidence.

Examples include...

The classic V shape, muscle, defined legs and glutes, healthy looking teeth and attractive skin.

Women are all hard wired to look for these characteristics, because until very recent times, her very life depended on choosing a man who owned every one of them.

If she failed at this task, and chose wrong, both her and her offspring could wind up paying the ultimate price.

Signs of Physical Attraction!

I don't care how old, or young you are, or whether you're married, or single.

You need to make it a point to incorporate courtship, flirtation, and sexual pursuit into your daily life.

If you're in a long term relationship, trust me, you can still play the game, you just need to know the rules.

To understand why sexual pursuit is so important to a man, you need look no further than the animal kingdom.

The mating season of deer and elk, is referred to as the rut.

During the rutting season, male bulls violently compete with one another for female attention.

And the winner of these games is awarded the ultimate prize....

Breeding privileges with the females, who are waiting in the wings, watching the competition unfold.

Now here's the interesting part...

As this rutting season approaches and the battles begin, two important things occur inside the bulls bodies.

Testosterone levels climb by 200 percent or more.


Testicle circumference and weight both increase, dramatically.

And the more dominant and successful the male is, the bigger the increase will be on both counts.

So how does all this apply to you and the women in your life?

When you chase and pursue a female, your body responds in the same manner as an elk bull.

Testosterone levels climb, and sexual drive and motivation increase right along with it.

Pea-cocking, or displays of status, strength and health take place as well.

And the female you're pursuing, adds her own material into the mix.

Sex hormones begin to climb in her body, and pheromones are released into the air, from her sweat, urine and breath.

And these powerful sex pheromones indicate that this female is available now for breeding.

In other words, sex is in the air, and both parties have the elevated hormones to prove it.

Signs of Physical Attraction!
How to Read Female Sexual Signals

Now the final question remains...

How can you tell when your woman is sexually receptive to you?

Here are some clues to watch out for...

  • Extended eye contact
  • Blinking, batting eyelashes
  • Coy smiles and nervous laughs
  • Moving in close, touching your arms or legs
  • Leaning in towards you when you are speaking
  • Grooming the face, fixing or flipping the hair frequently
  • An open stance, exposing her neck and cleavage, with open palms and hands

And Finally...

Mirroring, or moving in harmony with you and your body, as a sexually attracted woman, will automatically begin to unconsciously copy your behavior.

For example...

She'll cross or uncross her legs when you do.

Take a sip from her drink as you sip from yours.

Laugh, smile, or change her facial expressions in concert with yours.

These are all clear signs that the woman you're pursuing, is open, willing, and receptive.

Where take it from there, is entirely up to you.

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