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Prostate Hand Massage Technique!

Prostate Hand Massage

Prostate Hand Massage Technique!

Guest written article by Jasmine Raymour!

Most men go out of their way to learn the most they possibly can about the female G-spot – how to find it, how to stimulate it, and how to bring her to an orgasm.

Meanwhile, they fail to realize they have a G-spot of their own! And sadly enough, those who do know about it tend to brush it off.

They know where it's located and the mere thought of it turns them off and makes them feel uneasy.

Just so you know, the male G-spot is considered to be the prostate and it's located about two inches up the perineum (taint), accessible through the anus.

Generally to stimulate it, you must utilize a prostate hand massage technique, or use a sex toy.

I know what you're thinking! It's no wonder guys brush it off, right?

But if you can let go of the "taboo" for a few minutes and allow yourself to explore this unknown area of your body, I can guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised!

Actually, pleasantly surprised is a major understatement. You will be going out of your mind with sexual pleasure, the likes of which you've never before experienced.

Prostate Hand Massage Technique!

If you wish to discover your G-spot, follow these simple directions. The whole process will likely only take a few minutes, and chances are it'll change your sex life for the better.

Start out by finding a comfortable position where you can easily reach your anus without much strain.

With your legs slightly elevated (try sticking a pillow underneath your bum), gently start massaging the anus and surrounding areas (using lubricant will make this whole process much easier – trust me).

Be gentle. If you've never before experienced any kind of anal play, you should know that it requires total relaxation, and your movements must be smooth and gentle.

This can mean the difference between pleasure and pain. Once you feel comfortable enough, press your finger against your anus several times, gradually increasing the pressure. Finally, allow your finger to slide in gently.

About two inches inward on the front wall, you should notice a small chestnut-sized bump. This is the male G-spot! Congratulations, you've found it!

Now, for a seriously pleasurable experience, you can employ this special massage technique. Your index finger should be inserted as far as it will go.

Slowly make the “come here” motion with your finger. The pad of your finger can be facing towards or away from the prostate – either way, you will likely find this motion satisfying.

By now you should have an erection.

Continuing to use this prostate hand massage technique may lead you to a prostate orgasm – without any kind of penile stimulation whatsoever.

Not bad!

If you want to learn more about this prostate hand massage technique, as well as a ton of other useful methods and strategies, I urge you to check out The Secrets of Prostate Massage.

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