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Male Lactation! Men Who Produce Milk!

by Tom

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Male Lactation! Men Who Produce Milk!

Hello Mark,

This is an extremely embarrassing situation for me so I would like to remain anonymous.

Please do not publish my last name or my location.

Here's my story.

I'm a very overweight 36 year old male, who has had Gynecomastia since around the age of 12.

I'm what you'd describe as a typical yo yo dieter.

I lose weight regularly, but then always put it right back on.

Over the last 2 years, I've sort of given up because I'm so discouraged about the whole situation.

This "Giving In" has caused me to gain an additional 25 pounds on my already heavy frame.

This has only lead to additional problems for me.

Here's what happened recently.

A few days ago when I stepped out of the shower I noticed a white spot on my nipple as I passed by the mirror.

When I looked down to investigate, I discovered to my horror that the white spot was actually milk coming out of my nipple.

I'm highly distressed about this situation, and could really use your advice on what I should do right now.

Please get back to me ASAP!!!

Male Lactation! Men Who Produce Milk!

Hi Tom,

I know this has to hurt pretty bad, but the way I look at it, it's a good thing.


Because you had given up!

And when a man gives up on life, he really has nothing to live for.

Think about it for just a minute...

Your current mindset is causing you to miss out on all the good stuff in life.

For example, I'd bet money that you don't have much luck with women.

How do I know that?

Because women fall for guys who know how to win in life, and right now, you're not winning!!

I'd bet that you're not killing it in the business world either.

I can say this with the utmost certainty, because when a man gives up, he loses his self confidence.

And men without self confidence lose out to men who have it, every single time.

This has been a pretty brutal slap in the face Tom, and hopefully, it's hit you hard enough to wake you up.

I say this because it's time for massive action on your part.

A radical mindset shift, a transformation, the creation of a brand new you.

Male Lactation! Men Who Produce Milk!

You're producing milk, because you've taken on the hormonal profile of a woman.

All that extra body fat you're carrying around is harboring bucket loads of aromatase, the enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen.

Combine this with excessive consumption of refined carbohydrates, that we both know is a major culprit here,


Overexposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals in your environment, and you've got all the ingredients needed to produce a pair of milk producing breasts.

My advice to you now is, take all of your fear, anger, and anxiety, and channel it into MASSIVE ACTION!

Nothing is more important for you right now than this!

As a matter of fact, your very life depends on it.

Keep in mind...

Once you...

Radically Change Your Diet

Drop Your Excess Weight

Pack on Pounds of Muscle

Eliminate the Chemicals in your Environment

Your testosterone and estrogen levels are going to fall back into balance, automatically.

Combine the above with a weekly cycle of testosterone Boosting supplements, and trust me, you will win this battle

And once you've won, this milk production issue will be nothing more than a very bad memory.

Male Lactation Men Who Produce Milk
to Boost Low Testosterone Levels-Home

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What a topic!
by: Jared

This is the first time i heard such story but thanks to site there are answers to his question. I am now thinking whether I will share mine as well since I think I need help as well in terms in size.
Having Low Testosterone is really something so please do help me and post for more tips.

highly recommended.
by: Bill

When we talk about Low Testosterone and if you are still in search for a great site that offers both product and service. Then don't go anywhere because you are in the right site.
I want to say thank you for helping me in my problem and keep on helping other people.

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