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Male Hormone Replacement Therapy! Androgel Alternative!

by Collin
(Albany, GA)

Hi Mark,

I'm 39, and have a total testosterone level of only 381.

I've tried testosterone supplements in the past, but they didn't work out for me long term.

I'm at the brink right now, as my endo is pushing me to go on Androgel.

I haven't committed, and after reading for the last 2 hours on your website, I'm having second thoughts.

According to your information, I have several strikes against me.

  • I don't exercise

  • My diet is pretty bad

  • I drink way too much

  • I'm about 20 pounds overweight

This all started with me after my divorce 4 years ago.

I was pretty fit, and healthy while I was married, but bachelor life has done a number on me.

All the partying was fun in the beginning, but now the party is over, and I'm fed up with myself.

I'm ready to do something now!

Do you think I'm a good candidate for your plan, or should I go on the Androgel?

I see my endo again Wednesday, so please get back to me as soon as possible.

Male Hormone Replacement Therapy! Androgel Alternative!

Hello Collin,

Consider yourself lucky!

You were just a few days away from going on testosterone replacement therapy!.

A few days away from sacrificing your testicles for a little bit of man juice.

Man juice you can produce all by yourself, with just a few, very simple, lifestyle changes.

Changes you know you need to make anyway!

You're such an easy fix, it's almost laughable.

I say almost because it's really not funny at all, it's actually pretty pathetic.

Pathetic because of your doctors blind ignorance!

He doesn't treat his patients, he medicates them.

That's very unfortunate in my opinion.

If I were to take a look at you, I could tell in about 2 seconds what your problems are.

I could also tell you exactly what you need to do to get your life back.

Too bad doctor man can't do the same.

It's all very simple, and no, you don't need creams, patches, gels, injections or drugs to get it done.

Simply do the following...

Lose Weight

Build Muscle

Change Your Diet

Cut back on the Alcohol

Once you've started the above...

Begin Cycling Natural Testosterone Boosters

Take Steps to Control Male Estrogen Levels

That's it!

Check back in a month, and let us know how you're doing.

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Comments for Male Hormone Replacement Therapy! Androgel Alternative!

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Aug 27, 2017
Testosterone Replacement Warning
by: JP

Have to say you are speaking the truth as I have lived this crap.

It starts out all great in thought then you have 2 week of a push that take's you on a ride to hell.

As much as I do like 6 flags here in Texas the ride never stops up and down around you go what a night mare. I been trying to get off of this shit for 6 months what a ride.

Talk about chewing up your life. Most doc's don't ever take the time and do the homework to get you ready or find out if you're a good candidate for T replacement?

There are so many others way's to help yourself naturally with out replacement. Take it from me you need to walk this path to find balance! If at all you fail to reach your goal then at the last choice you have to.

But till then never touch this stuff, as it will mess up your body and mind to a point that you will lose the man your were. Still working on finding me again 6 months later.

Do your own home work find out were you really are on total health. Do not let a Doc miss lead you, the cost is so high to mess with your hormones!

You think you feel down tired now ? This is a crazy roller coaster!

Dec 29, 2010
Testosterone Metabolism & Body Composition
by: Anonymous

Like many medical conditions and common issues diet can be held at least partly to blame.

Testosterone is needed for many processes in the body, not just sperm count.

It drives muscle growth, hair growth and a deep voice. It also elevates metabolism and increases the release of fat from cells and prevents fat storage.

So if you are overweight, then altering your diet slightly could have major implications. As soon as you start to produce more testosterone you will start to increase your fat burning capabilities and will lose more weight.

Diet is incredibly important in steps to increasing testosterone levels.

Many things that you eat can inhibit the natural process whereby hormones travel to the testes and activate enzymes that convert cholesterol to testosterone.

Eating a healthy diet ensures you have the necessary enzymes and proteins for this process.

So instead of going on some replacement therapy just try changing your daily diet as this website suggests.

You have nothing to lose (except a few pounds in weight!) and everything to gain.

Jul 06, 2010
Former androgen user
by: Scott

I have to agree with the comments on this page. I started taking androgel on my doctors advice to treat erectile dysfunction and low libido.

It worked slightly the first month, but after that it was useless.

My ED actually got worse, and I started to develop Gyno. I quit after the 3rd month and will never go back.

Following the advise here, I've seen slow and steady improvement.

After this experience, I've learned my lesson. I'll never go on
TRT again, because it didn't do me a bit of good.


Feb 19, 2010
Collin- Please listen to Mark!
by: William

Don't start the treatments!

I wasn't as overweight as you but at 46 I have/had similar issues. Wear the Ball Zinger, drink red wine instead of beer (hold it to three or less glasses and watch the women be intriqued LOL).

Do the high intensity excercise, cycle the Testosterone Boosters and maybe most importantly do the Paleo Diet.

You will see a difference quickly, Mark is right. My best friend since Jr. High is a Pharmacist and unbeknownst to me he started Test replacement 2 yrs ago and he is in denial right now.

I think he knows I'm right and I keep pressing him to read this sight but so far he won't. You've taken the first step, the hardest step. Dig into this site and it will save your life.

I'm going to keep on my buddy until he listens, but I guess it's hard to realize for him since his test is 800+. Don't go there! I've been "all in" for just over two weeks and I already see a huge difference!

I've lost 5 pounds and 1+ inches off my waist, my wood is harder and I'm starting to feel like a wolf again. Hang in there and hate those jump squats like most of the guys that read this site.

PS- get the ZMA for night and take L-Arginine 5 grams every morning.

Good luck!!!

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