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How to Raise Testosterone Levels!

How to Raise Testosterone Levels!

You want your testosterone back, and you want it now, right?

Well, I'm not going to make you any promises I can't keep.

Trust me, there are no magic pills that do it all, no drugs that will turn you into a muscle bound he-man overnight, and for most of you, testosterone replacement therapy won't get it done either!


You can get your T back naturally, without life changing side effects, it's just going to take a little bit of time.

It's also going to take a little bit of work on your part.

Not digging ditches in the hot sun work, but the kind of work that makes you feel good about yourself.

The kind of work that will repair the damage done to your body from excess alcohol, poor dietary choices, drugs, medications, and elevated body fat.

Now if this sounds like too much for you, you're free to go!

Make an appointment with your doctor, and he'll give you a shot of testosterone enanthate into your butt every 2 or 3 weeks.

You'll get your T, but you'll also suffer from massive mood swings, depression, sexual highs and lows, hostility, and quite possibly, testicular atrophy as well.

Sounds like a real party, huh?

Natural Testosterone Replacement!

I have a much better plan, and I'm going to tell you about it right now.

Testosterone and Alcohol!

If you drink more than 2 or 3 drinks daily, you have a problem.

I don't care what type of excuses you're making to yourself, you're drinking too much.

Excessive alcohol consumption

will have a devastating impact on your male hormone levels.

Testosterone & Diet!

If you're living on a diet of frozen pizza, chips, fast food burgers, and soda, you're in for a real surprise.

That roll of fat developing around your belly, butt, and thighs is an aromatase breeding ground.

Aromatase is an enzyme that turns testosterone in estrogen.

Yup, that junk diet of yours is slowly turning you into a woman.


The list of drugs and medications that contribute to impotence, erectile dysfunction, and low testosterone levels runs in the thousands.

Almost any medication out there needs to be taken with extreme caution, and that includes the over the counter stuff.

A couple of aspirin for a headache is about as far as I'll go these days.

Low testosterone levels and exercise!

If your idea of exercise is a slow walk to the fridge for a ham sandwich, you need to wake up.

Every year you fail to exercise, is another year you'll continue to lose muscle mass.

As the years turn into decades, you're going to waste away into a feeble old man, way before your time.


High intensity exercise builds muscle, increases growth hormone, and boosts testosterone.

It keeps your mind intact as well.

Natural Testosterone Replacement Therapy!

Do you want T therapy that works?

Therapy that doesn't shut down your testicles, alter your mood, or change your personality?

A therapy where all the side effects are good ones?

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