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Hormonal Issues! Circadian Rhythm and Sleep!

by Bling

Hormonal Issues! Circadian Rhythm and Sleep!

Hi there Mark,

Just wanted to say first of all what a great site you have and great info!!

I happened to find it by chance (or was it Providence?) when searching for "morning erections" -you can imagine why.

I'm only 28 years old but I've often felt that my male hormones tend to be low at times.

This has always concerned me.

Hormonal Issues! Circadian Rhythm and Sleep!

I've lifted weights for some time and I have a bit of muscle to show for it, but I've noticed for quite some time that I fail to put on any more, plus I can't seem to get back my strength levels that I used to have.

Also I've often lacked the "drive" to keep going to the gym; often I'll be consistent for weeks on a stretch then somehow "lose it".

From when I was in my early 20s I've felt more like a "sedentary middle-aged man", which I shouldn't because I lift weights and I do martial arts.

Often I seemed to have trouble recovering from workouts, at my young age!!!

This has greatly concerned me!

I fear losing healthy sexual function before I even have a chance to use it up really.

So I've thought that I had low testosterone or low DHEA or something.

Hormonal Issues! Circadian Rhythm and Sleep!

Thing is, I've had chronic sleep issues since earlier in my 20s, associated with some depression.

I suspect this has been where the problems started -I think I'm still having the after-effects of sleep problems which have probably affected my Test and growth hormone levels for some time.

I generally have a healthy libido for the most part, but often it seems to decrease at times -especially associated with poor sleep on a stretch, and sometimes even with my workouts!

Damn! Anyway what's my point??

You have a great site, and I hope to get all my answers here!

I think I will. But just in case, I have a couple questions I'd like you to address, whether directly by replying to this email.

Hormonal Issues! Circadian Rhythm and Sleep!

1) Possible causes of low T in younger guys -and what to do about it

2) How to naturally increase levels of DHEA as well, in addition to Testosterone, GH.

I'm not fully comfortable with DHEA supplements -it's still hormones, and based on the listed possible side-effects I can't see why it's not considered a pro hormone or outright anabolic steroid!

Isn't it an anabolic steroid technically? Are there ways to increase it naturally?

What about improving adrenal health??

3) How to address sleep issues, especially when melatonin and all sorts of sleep herbal formulas seem to have little effect?

4) How important is sleep for healthy testosterone levels?

5) How to keep workouts from diminishing testosterone levels!

Or put another way, how to ensure workouts help promote testosterone levels!

6) Does testicular massage really help increase testosterone levels and semen volume and quality?

And is this increase in Test helpful for muscle-building, etc.?

And same for penis exercises like jelqing??

I'm sure I'll come up with more in time, but I hope you can address these -or point me to where you've already addressed them.

I look forward to getting healthy natural answers -I don't mind taking supplements, but somehow I feel as if I "shouldn't" have to take em to get normal baseline levels.

But then I want "super-normal" anyway.

I also look forward to building more muscle, after years of stagnation and feeling older than I am.

Thanks for the effort you've put in Mark!

Hormonal Issues! Circadian Rhythm and Sleep!

Hello Bling,

Thanks for the feedback on my site, I appreciate it!

I've covered many of your questions previously, so follow the embedded links below to dig deeper.

Regarding the natural testosterone supplements, I totally agree that for most 20 somethings, they aren't completely necessary.

I actually feel that way myself now that I have everything clicking in the hormone department.

But like you, I want to be super-normal, super productive, super confident, and super fit.

The supplements do all of that for me...

It's that last little 20 percent they add to the mix, that makes them totally worthwhile, in my opinion.

That being said, at your age, you could definitely get by without them.

Hormonal Issues! Circadian Rhythm and Sleep!

Regarding DHEA...

I don't worry about it, or luteinizing hormone, follicle stimulating hormone, progesterone, or any of the others.

I just focus on the big 3!




I've found that once you get your testosterone-estrogen levels into balance, all the other hormones fall into place beautifully.

I add HGH to the mix, because it's easy to boost levels naturally, and that boost goes a long way toward making me look and feel good.

Workouts and Testosterone!

Here's my take on exercise...

Most guys over train, which has a negative impact on testosterone levels.

My workouts are very brief, very intense, and very random, all which have been proven to elevate hormone levels.

It's chronic overtraining that kills T.

Doing the same exercises, over and over again, for extended periods of time is counter productive.

Take your routines outside in the sun, turn them into play, mix them up, have fun.

What you don't want to do is go into a gym filled with fluorescent light, and do the same 12 exercises, for hours and hours at a time, week in and week out.

Testosterone & Sleep!

Once again, get out in the sun in order to reset your circadian clock.

Get away from bright lights, TV's, and computer screens late in the evening.

Cut the caffeine by 3 pm, workout hard at 5 pm, and eat light in the evening.

Finish your day reading in low light conditions, retire early, and take ZMA just prior to bedtime.

This is the system I use, and I sleep like a newborn baby every night.

Hope that helps, and good luck to you!

Hormonal Issues Circadian Rhythm and Sleep to
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