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DHEA Testosterone!

DHEA testosterone

DHEA Testosterone!

I don't recommend chronic, daily supplementation with DHEA. You'll be much better off if you use this supplement once a week, and cycle it with other Natural Testosterone Boosters

Used once a week, DHEA can have a positive impact on your life. Use it more than that, and I can almost guarantee you, you'll start to experience negative side effects.

DHEA Side Effects!

In the short term, DHEA increases testosterone levels, boosts energy, and enhances well being.

But when used chronically, bad things begin to happen.

According to the research, and based on my personal experience, here's what happens.

When the body first gets an excess of DHEA in the blood stream, the majority of it will be converted into testosterone. Use it for a day, and you'll get a nice boost in T. That's a good thing!


If you keep using it on consecutive days, strange things begin to occur.

The DHEA will still convert to testosterone, but then it will quickly break down, and be converted to other hormones in the body, the most prominent being ADG.

DHEA Dangers!

Now, if you've ever supplemented with DHEA for more than a week or so, this will all start to make sense to you. The hormone ADG is a growth factor for the prostate. ADG causes the prostate to increase in size. That's not a good thing!

A common complaint among chronic DHEA users is difficulty urinating at night which is a symptom of increased prostate size.

DHEA Studies!

Researchers reported in the March issue of Fertility and Sterility, that regular DHEA supplementation does not increase testosterone levels, but only increases by product hormones-hormones that are potentially bad for the prostate.

According to says Rebecca Z. Sokol, professor of obstetrics and gynecology and medicine at the Keck School and the paper's senior author. "Not only are users not getting the testosterone, but they may be getting something harmful in the process."

According to this research, after a full 6 months of DHEA supplementation, the subjects had elevated levels of DHEA and ADG, but there were no changes in blood levels of testosterone.

Once again the research confirms that supplements need to be cycled in order to be effective.

Sublingual DHEA!

Does that mean DHEA is a complete waste of time?


DHEA can still be an effective sex booster if used sparingly.

Use it once every week or two, cycle it along with other testosterone enhancing supplements , and you'll enjoy a nice boost in T without experiencing any of the negative side effects.



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