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Cures for Gynecomastia!
Teenage Man Boobs & Gyno!

by Mark
(Worcester, MA)

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Cures for Gynecomastia! Teenage Man Boobs & Gyno!


I am 15 years old and I have Gynecomastia (Man Boobs).

I am very thin and my nipples are puffy. I am embarrassed to take off my shirt when I play soccer and its shirts and skins.

I also do not want to lift weights because that could break my growth plates and I'll stop growing. So will it ever go away?

I had seen some post saying by my 20s it will go, and if that's true I am a patient guy. I can hold on for 5 more years if only if it will go away.

Sometimes I'm so sad and depressed about this because I can't wear a shirt without 3 under shirts.

Thank you!

Cures for Gynecomastia!
Teenage Man Boobs & Gyno!

Hello Mark,

You're not alone.

Almost half of all teenage boys here in the US, suffer from some degree of gynecomastia.

Since so many young men your age go through this, it would be easy to say that this is just a normal part of growing up.

I strongly disagree!

I place Gyno in the same general category as cystic acne, deformed dental arches, and premature myopia.

These are all unnatural states!

If you look at the data from hunter gatherers of 100 years ago, you'll find that these conditions did not exist in these groups.

Teenage boys, typically had wide dental arches, and straight teeth. Vision problems were virtually unheard of, and acne simply did not exist.

I've looked at thousands of images from these groups, and I've never once seen a teenage boy with gynecomastia.

This brings up the question, why?

The answer is very simple.

These people were living in harmony with nature.

They ate a species appropriate diet, and avoided the chemical onslaught modern humans are constantly exposed to.

You see, the food you eat, and the chemicals you come into contact with on a daily basis, can disrupt your endocrine system.

This will cause your testosterone / estrogen levels to get out of balance.

So, instead of strong male hormone profile, you begin to tip toward the feminine side.

Too much estrogen in relation to testosterone, combined with high levels of estrogen mimics in your system, lead to the development of gyno..

If you're lucky, you'll bounce back into equilibrium, and the boobs will disappear as you enter your 20's

If you're unlucky, the problem will persist, and the inflamed tissue will turn into a hard lump.

Once that happens, the condition is irreversible, unless you opt for surgery.

Do yourself a favor, and tackle this problem now.

Here's what I recommend....

Switch to a Testosterone Boosting Diet

Reduce Your Circulating Male Estrogen Levels

Begin Doing Testosterone Boosting Exercises

Good luck!

Cures for Gynecomastia Teenage Man Boobs & Gyno to Boost Low Testosterone Levels-Home

Comments for Cures for Gynecomastia!
Teenage Man Boobs & Gyno!

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Been there
by: Anonymous

Hey folks, I feel for all of you. I am 30 years old and have dealt with Gyno since I was 15. I have always been really skinny, so when I developed hard nodules under my puffy nipples in high school I felt that they were very noticeable. I got depressed. I stopped going to pools and found excuses not to join my friends at beaches. I rejected girls that were into me because I was afraid of what they would think. I also had fordyce spots, which is a different story but did not help my relationships with girls. I had to duct tape my chest every day so that people did not notice through my shirt. I broke down senior year because I had worked and saved money for surgery, but I had to get a guardian's signature because I was 17. My parents found out and my dad paid for the surgery without mentioning a word to me about it. We still have never discussed it and I don't think we ever will. If you choose surgery, consider this even though it is not what you want to hear. I can wear shirts without being embarrassed, but I have scars. Noticeable scars are under each areola. I still feel uncomfortable with my shirt off, although people don't seem to notice and so far have kept quiet if they do. Even worse, the nodules are coming back slowly. I eventually married and I try not to let it eat at me. I wish you all the best out there.

Puffy nipples
by: Helping hand

I gave the same problem and it sucks sooo bad, i know. I'm 15 and am skinny and actually have a 6pack.

I asked my doctor and he said that its just a part of puberty and that it is perfectly normal in young men. The problem is that i want it to go away NOW...

How i cope with it is i get them cold before I take off my shirt so that they shrink in size and i am more confident.

What to do?
by: Anonymous

The first port of call would be a gyneco. doctor/surgeon. If a skinny guy has womanlike breasts, he would be comfortable if others understood his situation and not mock it as it is only underdeveloped minds that laugh at such things. At a personal level, he might want to try out "breastfeeding" a tiny pup or kitten to discover the feminine aspect(s) of his condition and perhaps understand it better, if his condition is irreversible. He should not be ashamed of himself or degrade himself because of his condition. He is not a freak or a transgender. Boys with womanlike nipples should try and be at one with themselves and should get medical attention in the best possible ways. Its hard because the rest of the world makes it hard.
I was very skinny at 18 with big nipples but I tried "suckling" a tiny puppy and found that my fears dwindled. I was a normal boy with womanlike nipples, flat boy chested and hairless. Ignore the taunts and just walk through it.

I HATE MANBOOBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
by: Anonymous

Hi im 14 years old and im kinda fat but my manboobs bigger than most obese peopl that i see on tv how do i get rid of them because as long as i have these nasty manboobs i can never be happy >:(

man boobs
by: Anonymous

hi, i'm mike 23 year old my problem is i still have my man boobs my nipple are huge every time i touched my chest and press it hard i can feel there is something inside of it, as if like a tip of volcano, around thing.. i'm using duct tape everyday to cover my nipples because its huge.. i'm wondering what can i do to get rid of it.. is surgery is my last option? help me.. :(

by: Mark

The last one made me feel much better because now im doing volleyball for spring season and we did a lot of upper body building like push-ups pull-ups and now the smallest movement i can feel my chest flexing and this is the second day and its still there. So if i continue these sports and running by the time im in my 20s will it definitely go away? I had stop eating fatty foods like McDonalds and all that stuff.

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