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DHEA & Estrogen & Gyno

DHEA & Estrogen & Gyno


I have been taking dhea for the last 2 months but I'm starting to notice that my nipples are getting sensitive on days that I take it.

Should I be worried about this, or is it only a temporary problem?

I'm paranoid that I may get Gyno.

Thank you

DHEA & Estrogen & Gyno!


Your paranoia is well founded!

DHEA is not a supplement you want to be taking on a daily basis.

When taken daily, this prohormone will increase estrogen levels more than it will testosterone.

Your sensitive nipples are a signal that you have elevated levels of estrogen in your blood stream, so I'd advise you to stop taking it immediately.

You'll have much more success boosting T levels using Natural Testosterone Boosters!

You'll get the testosterone without all the negative side effects, especially if you cycle your supplements properly.

Follow the link above for more info.

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Stay away from DHEA!!!!!
by: Vince

I can't agree more!
Since the age of 27 I noticed a massive drop in libido and energy. As a gym junkie this was depressing, and my wife thought I no longer found her attractive.
So I went to an Anti- aging doctor (Big mistake!)
With blood test he found that yes my test was down (tell me something i didn't know!) so he got me on DHEA. I developed gyno after 6 month on this crap and needed surgery! It cost me thousands!!! not just in the DHEA cost but in medical costs as well.
I came off the stuff and basically curled up into a ball and excepted the fact I had lost my mojo.
After years of searching for answers I stumble across this web site.
Now at the age of 36 I feel like im 18 again!!
This is no bull shit! It took me a few months to find what worked just right for me and my balls are seriously big!! They have never felt firm and large for so long! I also cant leave my wife alone!!
A huge thanks to Mark for his guidance and to his web site.


Testosterone supplements - DHEA
by: Mark

Yes you should be worried!

You didn't mention your age, the dose you are taking, or how often you are taking it.

All the questions you asked are right there on the DHEA page.

Go back and re-read it....

Remember, only take it twice a week, and make sure you take Chrysin or Nettle Root along with it to keep estrogen levels in control.

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