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Beer, Body Fat, & Male Hormone Levels!

by Josh

Beer, Body Fat, & Male Hormone Levels!

Hi Mark,

I stumbled across your site because I was searching for "increasing testicle size" on Google.

I have noticed lately that my ball sack is tight all the time and my balls feel tight also.

I am 31 years old and I am sure that my Testosterone levels are lower than they used to be.

I am a very heavy beer drinker. (15 to 20 every night).

Unbelievably, I have a pretty good body and people think I am younger than I am.

I am 6'4", 285 pounds.

My body fat is 28%, I know, not good, but I carry it well.

I am wasting what could be an awesome body and mind because of the alcohol consumption.

Beer, Body Fat, & Male Hormone Levels!

I guess I knew the effects of alcohol on the male hormone system, but I was in denial about the effects until I read more about the subject on your website.

Your site has motivated me to get my ass in the gym and to quit drinking, except for maybe Friday and Saturday nights.

I know how it feels to have a high level of T.

I used to be in extremely good shape, and I did take ZMA also before bed and worked out like crazy after work everyday.

If I took it now the alcohol would probably kill it.

I will keep you updated and I am also gonna order the Passion Rx and maybe some of the other stuff.

BTW, I eat very clean and drink only water during the day and a lot of it.

People think I am quite the paradox because of my drinking beer at night. I will keep ya posted.

Thanks for making this site.

Beer, Body Fat, & Male Hormone Levels!

Hello Josh,

Good for you!

I think you'll find that using alcohol as a treat for a job well done, is much more rewarding than chronic over consumption.

A job well done for you right now would be a Monday through Friday with zero alcohol, and some hard work at the gym.

A little reduction in body fat would be nice too.

As I'm sure you're well aware, 15 to 20 beers is quite a substantial number.

28 percent body fat is exactly what I'd expect with that type of consumption.

I'd also expect elevated estrogen levels, decreased testosterone, and the testicular atrophy that always follows this type of hormonal imbalance.

If you can quit the booze cold turkey, and stick to your weekend only plan, great!

If you find that impossible, it may be time to dry out for a while.


Alcohol craving of any kind are a warning sign.

A warning that you aren't controlling the alcohol, the alcohol is controlling you.

Either way, once you drop the beer habit, I think you'll be shocked at how fast the body fat melts away.

Throw in some muscle building exercise, and you'll get your stuff back in no time.

Good luck!

Beer Body Fat & Male Hormone Levels to
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Update from over a year ago
by: Josh

I am now 32 years old and another statistic has changed big time. I owe most of the results to this website because the content in the site made me realize I was in a downward spiral.

My weight has went down from 285 to 250. I still drink too much beer, but I have cut the number down to about 6 or 7 a night. I go to the gym every day after work and I work out hard as hell. When I first started I could not even hardly do one push up and I could not do any pull ups. I can now probably do around 75 push ups in a row and I can do about 15 pull ups.

My waist has went from a 42" to about 36". I am getting stronger as each day goes by also. My memory and brain function is much better. I am much more confident in all arenas of life. My marriage is much better and sex life is good.

My wife is proud of me and loves showing me off. The only problem I have is trying to avoid an affair because so many women are after my ass. I can make women run into stuff when I look them in the eye and smile.

I almost saw one young lady get ran over because she was approaching the street looking at me dead in the eye and did not see the car. The guy had to swerve to not hit her. That stuff never used to happen at all. I urge any guy out there that was in the shape I was to get off their fat feminine ass and start working hard. Hey, some days I felt like I was in a car wreck because of the training regimen I was doing. Now I feel great all the time. It was worth every bit of pain.

The trainers at the gym ask me for tips. The thing I love the most? I love taking my damn shirt off! I used to hate doing that because of my soft chest and stomach. Not anymore man. If anything, I kind of feel weird because I can tell everyone is paying attention to my body. Thanks again for this site Mark.

It really did help this young man. Now if I can just quit drinking that damn beer! I have noticed that as I get progressively leaner and stronger I do not want it as much.I think I may be able to cut it down during the week completely pretty soon.

Hi Josh,

Thank you very much for the detailed update, and all the props, I appreciate it!

Keep up the excellent work Buddy!


Sharing my Problems
by: Steven Josh

I have issues as well of having sex with my wife and I want to know why other people says that the reason why I don't feel erection that much was because of beer.
While other people says that beer can give you a jump start though its different for me.

Please do give me advice.

by: Josh

I did not drink any alcohol Sunday night and I took my ZMA and got a good night's rest. I woke up with some pretty good wood going on. I concentrated on my diet Monday and also did some of the ball massages. I felt really good throughout the day Monday, so much so that I called up my wife and told her I was horny. I did not realize it fully at the time, but I had not had the "balls" to say something like that to her in a long time. Well, she apparently liked that and I had a really good time Monday night with her. I noticed that my erection was extremely strong, most noticeably the glans area of my penis was extremely filled out. I had noticed in the past few months that the glans area was suffering in the erection department. I am grateful for your site. This site caused me to stop wrecking my body and get my manhood back. I am still waiting on the Passion Rx and I also ordered the Axhis, LJ100, and the ball zinger. I am really going to be knocking it out pretty soon. Thanks again Mark.

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