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Artificial Testosterone, Shrunken Testicles, Acne, and Hairloss!

by Roger

Artificial Testosterone!
Shrunken Testicles, Acne, and Hairloss!

Hi Mark,

In the past, I've been on the Androderm Patch, which I had to stop due to a severe rash I developed.

After that I was placed on Androgel, but had problems with that too, as I had skin irritation near the application site.

After switching once again to Testim Gel, and having the same problems, I began testosterone injection therapy.

So far, this has been the best for me, but I'm worried about the side effects.

My testicles have gotten much smaller, which is a bummer, and I don't feel the same effects from the testosterone like I used to.

The doctor wants to increase my dose, but I'm worried about additional side effects.

I already get acne the day after my injections, and I have lost quite a bit of hair, which I'm sure is due to increased DHT, brought on by the injections.

I'm 48, and in decent shape, 10 pounds overweight at the most.

Just wanted to get your opinion.


Artificial Testosterone!
Shrunken Testicles, Acne, and Hairloss!

Hello Roger,

You've been beating your body up, down and sideways with all of these testosterone products.

Now you're dealing with a very harsh reality...

You've been on the therapy so long, that your testicles have just about shut down testosterone production entirely.

Once that happens, you've got two choices, and neither of them are real pleasant ....

Get off the juice entirely!


Increase the dose!

Opt for answer number two, and a nasty game of cat and mouse begins.

You need more testosterone but the more you take, the worse the side effects get.

You're already dealing with testicular atrophy, acne and hair loss, but just wait until doctor man doubles up on your dose.

Your testicles are going to get smaller, your face pimply-er, and your head balder.

Sounds like real man stuff doesn't it?

Artificial Testosterone!
Shrunken Testicles, Acne, and Hairloss!

This is the kind of crap men have to deal with with they blindly place their hormonal health into the hands of the so called medical experts.

Never forget!

Look to doctor man for help, and I can almost guarantee you, he's going to attempt to put you on some form of unnatural, artificial testosterone therapy.

Since Solvay Pharmaceuticals has one of the biggest marketing budgets, and some of the best sales people in the business, the product he'll most likely recommend will be Androgel.

Androgel also happens to be one of the most expensive, coming in at around 300 bills a month.

Yup, there's a ton of money at stake here...

Consider this...

The FTC alleged in February 2009 that that Solvay "unlawfully conspired to pay off two generic firms to keep their gel products off the market," according to the Journal Sentinel. AndroGel costs upwards of $300 for a 1 month supply.

The generic option would only cost consumers about $45 for the same amount of product, making Solvay's actions "unconscionable," according to Jim Leibowitz, an FTC commissioner.

Don't fall into this trap!

The doctors are in bed with the pharmaceutical companies, and always remember, you're their target!

Without you, the drug companies don't make multiple billions of dollars, and the doctors don't rake in cash by the bucket full.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a capitalist!

I believe in the free market, freedom of choice, and all that good stuff.

That's why I encourage you to exercise your freedom!

When the doctor writes you a prescription after a 90 second medical exam, hand it back, look him straight in the eye, and tell him he's fired!

Take your health into your own hands, and avoid artificial hormones, drugs and medications if at all possible.

Unless your life is at stake, just say no!

As for you Roger, it's decision time...

If you're ready to get off this roller coaster, grab your mouse right now, and dig into the links below.

Good luck!

OTC Testosterone Boosters

The Ball Zinger Penis Ring

Reduce Your Circulating Male Estrogen Levels

Testosterone & Muscle

The Testosterone Boosting Diet

Artificial Testosterone, Shrunken Testicles, Acne,
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