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Testosterone Injection Side Effects!

Hormone therapy! Impotence Treatment!

Testosterone Injection Side Effects!

Hormone therapy! Impotence Treatment!

When testosterone is injected into muscle tissue, usually the butt, it is absorbed directly into the blood stream.

The early forms of T would break down fairly rapidly, making injections necessary every two days or so.

Recently, things have changed...


Newer forms, enanthate and cypionate, are much longer acting.

This means injections are only necessary every two to four weeks, and in some cases even longer.

Sounds pretty good huh?

Well, don't get too excited yet!

One of the problems with a testosterone injection is the rapid increase in T right after it is administered, followed by a steep decline towards the end of the cycle.

Lot's of men love the initial rush, but few if any, enjoy the rapid drop that comes later.

This hormonal roller coaster leads to several side effects including wild mood swings, hostility, anger, depression, sadness, and irritability.

And don't forget about the sexual highs and lows!

Soon after the injection, sex drive goes through the roof.

In the days leading up to the next dose, testosterone levels typically fall well below normal.

This leads to a severe drop in libido.

What's the solution?

Pull out the juice, and jump right back onto the roller coaster of course!

Testosterone Injection Side Effects!

I'm not a big fan of injections, or any other forms of testosterone replacement therapy, unless...

You're 70ish or older.


You have a medical condition that prevents your body from producing testosterone on it's own.


When you boost your T levels unnaturally, side effects always follow...

Think testicular atrophy, hairloss, gyno, acne, prostate problems, etc..etc..

I have a better way!

A way that will bring your body into back balance.

Methods that will get your testicles to produce all the testosterone you'll ever need, naturally!

These are not quick fix, overnight solutions.

They take a bit of work, a bit of effort on your part, but in the end all the effort is worth it.


Because hormone therapy is a band aid!

Follow this path, and all you're doing is fixing one problem, and opening the door to half a dozen more.

My suggestion?

Try these natural solutions instead!

Natural Testosterone Boosters!

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