Testim Side Effects! Testim Gel!

Testim Gel!
Testim Side Effects!

I know exactly why you are here right now!

You have low testosterone levels, and you're looking for answers, right?

We'll I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this gel probably isn't the answer you're looking for!


You're 70ish or older, or you have a medical condition that prevents your body from manufacturing testosterone on it's own.

If this describes you, go to my page on Testosterone Replacement Therapy, and look at all your options, including Androgel, testosterone pellets, creams, and injections.

All the rest of you read on...

Testim Side Effects!

When you attempt to boost your testosterone levels unnaturally, strange things begin to happen.

Such as...

Wild moods swings, aggression, hairloss, Breast Growth-Gyno, high blood pressure, water retention, acne, headaches, increased red blood cell count, prostate disorders, and Testicular Atrophy.

Sadly, most men don't hear about these side effects until it's too late.

On the the front page of their website, the only side effects listed are irritation on the application site, and increased red blood cell count.

That's too bad!

Testim 1

Almost every week, I get emails from men who made the mistake of going on testosterone replacement therapy too soon!

And they're paying for it!

They failed to realize that with any unnatural therapy, there will be side effects!

If anyone tells you otherwise, they're either ignorant, or trying to sell you something.


Hormone replacement therapy should be your last option, after everything else has failed!

T Gel Alternatives!

Fortunately, there are alternatives to these unnatural therapies.

Alternatives that will light up your testicles, and get them back into the business of making testosterone once again

Natural Therapies that will bring your body back into balance.

Go this route and you'll avoid side effects.

You'll also avoid doctors, medical bills, and the constant blood testing that's absolutely necessary once you begin testosterone therapy.

Try these options instead..

Take Natural Testosterone Boosters!

These natural herbs will increase your testosterone levels, and they will do so without excessive negative side effects.

Natural T boosters should be the cornerstone of your recovery program.

Follow the link above to read all about the supplements I use and recommend.

Wear a Blakoe/Ball Zinger Device!

Blakoe-Zinger Rings will improve the quality of your erections, increase the size and volume of your ejaculations, and boost your testosterone levels, all at the same time.

I'm a huge fan of these devices, because they're all natural, affordable, and most importantly, they really do work.

Reduce Your Male Estrogen Load!

There are several things that can cause your estrogen levels to spiral out of control.

They include..

Elevated body fat levels, environmental estrogen's, excessive alcohol intake, prescription medications, steroid use, and estrogenic foods.