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37 Years Old with Low Testosterone & Losing Hope!

by J. S

37 Years Old with Low Testosterone & Losing Hope!

Hello Mark,

I am 37 yrs old and have always had a problem with my Erections from time to time through out my life.

At age 35 I went on Viagra to have sex or just to feel comfortable. Then after a while it stopped working completely.

So at age 36 I went to an Urologist to see if he could help.

Last year September 2009 the Dr. put me on Testim at first cause I had low Testosterone levels and 5mg of Cialis a day.

Well of course the first month worked out fine but then again everything stopped.

I had the desire and morning erections but was not able to maintain an erection with my wife.

The doctor asked me to come in and told me that the Testim wasn't working because my body wasn't absorbing it.

So during Febuary of 2010 he switched me to Androgel at 4 pumps a day, while still taking 5mg of Cialis a day.

Again it worked for a month and a half but now has completely stopped.

37 Years Old with Low Testosterone & Losing Hope!

I felt that the Doctor knew what he was doing and I would be fixed for good but now after reading your website I believe that the DR. is just masking the problem and trying to keep me on this stuff for the rest of my life.

I am very upset and almost scared that I have messed myself up for the rest of my life. I am 37 now and have no kids.

I have done things with my wife but haven't had sex since April 2010 and feel that I am about to lose her as well as my mind.

I just recently found this website and feel like it is a gift from god to answer my prayers and questions but most of all to cure me.

I just ordered the Ball Zinger Penis Ring which should be here any moment and just ordered ALL of the natural Testosterone Boosters from physicians formulas.

I am waiting for them and will cycle them and do this program as requested.

Here is my problem and I'm not sure what to do-- I still take the Androgel every morning before work but stopped taking the Cialis.

I feel that when I DO stop taking the Androgel my body will completely shut down, meaning my erections all together.

I really want to get off this crap and FIX my problem but if my testicles don't work- and God only knows if they have ever worked then is taking the Boosters and the Zinger going to help?

I just started taking the Chrysin and the Nettle Root( Cycling them) for high estrogen levels and more Testosterone but for real I am lost in the sauce and really need your help.

Is it too late for me to fix myself after 10 months or so?

Thank you for any advice!

37 Years Old with Low Testosterone & Losing Hope!

Hello JS,

You're a classic case of what happens to a man when he puts his hormonal health in the hands of the so called "Medical Experts"

Let's take a quick look at what doctor man has done to you recently...

You've been put on not 1, but 2 different erectile dysfunction drugs, Viagra and Cialis.

Drugs that will do absolutely noting to improve your underlying physical condition.

These are band-aids, temporary fixes and entirely useless in my opinion.

Here's a good analogy for you...

The oil light comes on in your car.

You take the vehicle to the mechanic, he pulls out his screwdriver and pops out the little red dashboard light, hands you a bill and says, problem fixed!

But wait a minute, you didn't fix the car, you just put out the warning light!

Well, that's exactly what drugs and the doctors who prescribe them do.

They shut out the light, but they don't re-fill the oil.

37 Years Old with Low Testosterone & Losing Hope!

The ED drugs were the blow to the stomach...

The uppercut came when you were handed the script for the testosterone replacement products, Androgel and Testim.

Here's the problem...

These products shut down your testicles, plain and simple.


Because they no longer have any work to do once you start getting your testosterone out of a bottle.

This causes them to atrophy, shrink in size, and as a result, your natural T production slows to a standstill.

Does doctor man care about any of this?

That's a very good question, that may be answered by the following....

Writing a prescription is easy!

Healing a person is definitely not!

37 Years Old with Low Testosterone & Losing Hope!

I'm not a doctor, so I can't give you medical advice, but I will say this!

If I were in your shoes, I'd dump all of doctors mans dubious gifts.

I would do so knowing for certain that I had some very rough days ahead.

I'd also know that once I climbed the hill and made it to the top, I'd be VERY glad I made the journey.

But that's me!

You have to decide for yourself if the pain ahead is worth the ultimate prize.

Here's a little inspiration to help you with your decision...

Testim Gel v.s Natural Testosterone Enhancement!

37 Years Old with Low Testosterone & Losing Hope to Boost Low Testosterone Levels-Home

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Jan 28, 2013
37 Years Old As Well
by: JPhillips

Hey guys. I'm 37 as well and have had this problem for some time now. I tried the Testim and all it did was give me extra energy to workout. Did nothing for my sex drive. I agree that viagra is just a band-aide and does not fix the problem. I cut out fast food and walk everyday. I also try getting more sleep, but nothing has worked. Not sure why this all seems to be an epidemic the last few years in the media accept as a marketing scheme. Is it because our bodies are living longer, but weren't meant to? I haven't found an answer except theories. Maybe women took all the manliness out of us?

Jun 20, 2010
Good thing that You are here!
by: Shawn

Like what my title in this comments described. Its a good that I came to this page and read everything since I was about to lose hope of having same problems. I searched google for the word Low Testosterone and here I am to this site. I am happy that I am in here in this page sharing my story as well even though it was through comments. Keep it up!

Jun 15, 2010
by: J S

Thank you for your comments and the Inspiration. I am going to tackle this full steam ahead conquer this enemy called Prescription Testosterone Replacement Therapy. I know that this will be a heck of a chore getting off this Androgel and yes I am going to have my days when I feel that all is lost BUT it makes sense to me to cure something with a Natural Supplement(the way life illments are supposed to be cured) rather than a man made drug that will shut down certain parts of my body and something I will constantly have to use. I will do everything that you have recomeneded and the excercises. I'm sure that it everybody may not get the same results but I refuse to go through my life like this and will regret it if I at least do n ot try. So starting Tomorrow 6/16/10 I am off the Androgel and am starting my battle to heal this body. Thank you for this website, my hope and the strenghth to believe that I can be cured and I WILL BE!!!

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