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Testim Gel v.s Natural Testosterone Enhancement!

by Quint

Testim Gel v.s Natural Testosterone Enhancement!


Thank you for all your help!

Not sure you will remember me, but I emailed you back on 10-18-09. I was taking 2 full tubes of Testim and had been for about 2 ½ years and it just wasn’t cutting it. I thought that was the only option I had until I found your web site. My testosterone was about 100 before starting Testim.

You told me to attack the problem so that’s what I have been doing. I slowly worked my way off the Testim. 11-1-09 was my last day.

I have been taking all the Testosterone Supplements you recommended. I think I’m cycling 14 right now. It’s like Christmas every day.

I got the Ball Zinger, started eating mostly fruits, vegetables, raw nuts, and focusing on foods that build testosterone and block estrogen. I got the estrogen balance. I’m not taking estrogen blocker chrysin or DIM, just read about these today I will order them and get started. I’m taking needle root in my cycle.

I started on your workout. I workout every three days (I’m sure jump squats are of the devil) almost puked my first workout and second and third and fourth, okay every time, but it works and works well.

I even started a Penis Enlargement, ball massage and edging routine, was not sure about it but WOW what a difference. I do a 30 minute routine that works really well for me. Had no idea you needed to exercise your junk. It’s improved my performance dramatically.

I was sure getting off Testim was going to be hard and was prepared for that, but with your help it was not that bad. I feel better than I ever have with no ups and downs like I had on the Testim. It’s been steadily getting better and better every day.

I even did some research for my wife and started her on some supplements geared for women to help her with her hormones. She has just started this week but she is cycling hers, too. She can take some of the same ones I take.

I cannot thank you enough for your web site and all the info you provide. It has been a blessing. I hope you and your family had a good Thanksgiving. I do not see the doctor until Jan and will update you on levels then, but I can tell my levels are up better than with the Testim.

Thanks again

Testim Gel v.s Natural Testosterone Enhancement!

Hello Quint,

You should be proud of yourself!

You jumped in head first, attacked the problem from several different angles, and it's paid off for you.

I get emails all the time that go something like...

I bought a testosterone booster, but it's not working, what should I do...

I say, do exactly what Quint did.

Build up a large stock of Testosterone Boosters, and cycle them.

Workout with high intensity

Eat right

Control Estrogen

Become obsessed with your penis and testicles (penis enlargement, testicle massage, & edging)

Do all that, and you cannot fail!


If Quint can get there after 2 1/2 years of testosterone use, so can you!

Thanks much for the feedback!

Testim Gel v.s Natural Testosterone Enhancement to
Boost Your Low Testosterone Levels-Home

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