Penis Dysfunction
Erectile Dysfunction!

penis dysfunction

Would you like to know what is causing your penis dysfunction?

Then look no further than the following…

  • Low Testosterone
  • Damaged Blood Vessels
  • Prescription Medications
  • Sure, there are other more rare causes such as Parkinson's Disease, Alcoholism, or Multiple Sclerosis, but the three items above sum it up for the vast majority of all men.

    Of the 3, the drugs are the easiest to diagnose and test…

    If you're taking ANY medication, work with your doctor to get them out of your life, and use Natural Methods instead.

    Do this, and you'll be pleasantly surprised at what begins to happen inside your system.

    If you're a wise man, you'll take this information, and come to the conclusion that drugs are rarely the answer. That medications usually mask and cover up symptoms, but do not heal your body.

    They also come with side effects…quite often worse that the original symptom you were attempting to treat.

    Now here's the kicker…

    Right about the same time most men find themselves on the medication gravy train, another condition kicks in…

    Low Testosterone

    If that penis dysfunction of yours came along with low sex drive, you most likely have a Low T problem.

    If this describes you, your best course of action would be to begin a cycle of OTC Testosterone Boosters.

    These supplements will help you bring your testosterone levels back up into the normal range, naturally, without negative side effects.

    I know this is going to sound odd, but that lack of sex drive is actually a really good sign in my book.


    Because penis dysfunction combined with a healthy sex drive is a pretty good clue that you have damage to the blood vessels leading to your penis.

    In other words, your erectile dysfunction is NOT caused by low male hormone levels, but by damaged blood vessels, the most difficult condition to treat.

    If you're one of those men living with this Penis Dysfunction / Healthy Sex Drive combination, I recommend that you follow the protocols on THIS PAGE.

    There are numerous regular visitors to this site who have turned the corner entirely by following the methods outlined on the page above.

    This is my most updated, recent content on this subject, which will give you a very good feel for what most of us are doing to overcome this condition.

    Once you've finished up there, feel free to come back and browse the older articles toward the bottom of the page...

    Penis Dysfunction - Erectile Dysfunction!

    Fixing Erectile Dysfunction!


    If you're thinking about using one of those ED drugs advertised on all over your television set, you'd better think twice.

    Sure, these drugs will give you an erection, but that erection will come with a price!

    Follow the link above to read more…

    Can't Maintain an Erection?

    Having a hard time maintaining those erections of yours? Come inside and read this post and you'll find out why it's happening, and what you can do about it.

    Penis Medicine!


    This isn't the kind of medicine you'll find at your local drug store...nope, this medicine will actually heal your body from the inside out.

    Make sure you read the 3 action steps at the bottom of the page...

    Erection Causes!

    It's all about blood flow my friend, and if it's not flowing freely through your penis, it may not be flowing freely through the blood vessels leading to your heart.

    If this is the case, you've got much more to worry about than simple erectile dysfunction…

    Erectile Dysfunction and Diabetes!


    If you think your elevated blood sugar and carb heavy diet have nothing to do with your erection difficulties, I have some news for you…

    Flaccid Erect! How to Boost Your Erections!

    Spending more time in an impotent state than you'd like? Then take a look inside this post to find out how to move your penis from flaccid to erect.

    Testosterone Erection


    Still not convinced that you NEED testosterone to build a powerful erection?

    Then you NEED to read this post…

    Morning Wood!

    Morning Wood is the classic canary in a coal mine situation. If yours ever dies or fades away, you better better take notice!

    Over the Counter Erectile Dysfunction Aids!


    If you're suffering from erectile dysfunction, there are two supplements you should be using daily.

    Follow the link above to read more…

    Erectile Dysfunction and Diet!

    If you're suffering from penis dysfunction, it's important that you eliminate these foods from your diet...

    Morning Erections

    Your testosterone levels are highest in the early am hours…which is why most men wake up every morning with an erection.

    If yours are nowhere to be found when you wake up, this post is for you...

    Erectile Dysfunction and Heart Disease!


    Penis dysfunction and heart disease are both warning signs that bad things are happening in those blood vessels of yours.

    You'll find all the details inside this article…

    Penis Dysfunction - Erectile Dysfunction!

    Erectile Dysfunction Pumps!

    Not the best solution in my opinion, but some men absolutely swear by them.

    The Side Effects of Smoking Marijuana!

    Find out of that hootchie of yours may be contributing to your problem.

    Sudden Erectile Dysfunction!


    Did your penis dysfunction seem to come on overnight? Find out why that happened inside this post…

    Vitamins for Erectile Dysfunction?

    Find out which vitamin you need to maximize in your system if you want to get control of your erectile dysfunction.

    Diabetes & Your Penis

    Blood sugar does many bad things inside your body, and one of the worst is the damage it inflicts on your blood vessels.

    Male Menopause Symptoms

    Is your penis dysfunction problem really a male menopause problem? Read this post to find out…

    Erection Supplements-Extenze

    The slick commercials, the marketing hype, and the outrageous cost. Find out why I'm not a fan of this particular supplement.

    Penis dysfunction to THE BENEFITS OF L ARGININE

    Penis dysfunction to LOW TESTOSTERONE-HOME


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