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Can't Maintain an Erection?

Can't Maintain an Erection

Can you achieve an erection, but not maintain it long enough to take care of business in the bedroom?

If so, you're probably suffering from hormonal imbalance, blood flow issues, or a nasty combination of both.

Hormonal imbalance in an ED suffering man usually means you've got too much estrogen and not enough testosterone in your body.

You can easily verify this imbalance, by paying attention to what's going on inside that temple of yours.

For example…

  • Is your belly expanding
  • Has your sex drive decreased
  • Is your ejaculation volume down
  • Are your testicles getting smaller
  • Are you growing feminine breast tissue
  • Are you suffering from benign prostate enlargement
  • Have you experienced a decrease in cognition and mental sharpness

These are all clear signals that estrogen is running your show now, and this situation will not change until testosterone becomes the dominant hormone in your system again.

Let's talk about how you can make that happen, now...

Can't Maintain an Erection?

Women synthesize the vast majority of their estrogen inside the ovaries.

But we men don't have ovaries, we produce estrogen via an enzyme called aromatase, which hides out in our body fat.

This enzyme takes the testosterone in your blood stream, and converts it directly into the feminizing hormone, estrogen.

And this conversion, if taken too far, can devastate a man already suffering from low testosterone levels.

Keep your eyes open and you'll spot this feminization process happening in men all around you.

Especially in the 50 plus crowd where soft, round, feminine bodies, boobs and all, can be spotted everywhere you look.

Now here's the kicker…

Any man who moves that far into the feminization zone, is going to have a very rough time achieving OR maintaining any type of a decent erection.

So how do you put a stop to all this?

Your first order of business needs to be estrogen reduction, which can be achieved by reducing aromatase levels in your body.

The easiest way to make this happen is to reduce belly fat, which is where this enzyme lives and works.

A mere 10 percent reduction in body fat can deliver substantial reductions in aromatase levels in a man.

And once those aromatase levels drop, estrogen levels will begin to drop right along with them.

But you're still going to need to do more to gain control of this situation...

The next step in this reduction process would be to avoid excessive exposure to chemicals that mimic estrogen in your body.

Toxic chemicals found in cosmetics, cleaning products, paints, solvents, colognes, perfumes, exhaust fumes, etc…

It's not necessary, or even possible, to limit exposure entirely…you just need to reduce your chemical load enough to allow testosterone to jump back into the drivers seat again.

Can't Maintain an Erection?


Stage 3 of this plan would be the elimination of estrogen promoting foods in your diet.

Foods such as…

  • Beer - Hops
  • Soy Products
  • Produced Sprayed with Pesticides
  • Hormone Injected - Conventionally Raised Meat

Knock these items off the menu, and add some estrogen killing cruciferous vegetables back in, and you'll clear even more estrogen out of your system.


Top all of this off with a cycle of Anti-Estrogen Supplements, and you'll bring your E levels right back down into the optimal range, which falls somewhere between 21 and 30 pg/mL.

Once you get that excess estrogen out of the way, you need go to work on boosting testosterone production in your body.

This final step will balance out those hormones to perfection, so those erections of yours can be achieved AND maintained, for as long as you need them.

The two protocols below will bring on that testosterone you're looking for, fast..

Cycle Testosterone Boosters

Jelq / Edge Without Ejaculation


If you have high blood pressure, cholesterol issues, or heart problems, your erection difficulties can probably be attributed to blood flow problems.

In other words, the blood vessels leading to your penis have stiffened, hardened, and may even have become partially blocked.

If this describes you, you're going to need to follow THIS PLAN

Can't Maintain an Erection to PENIS DYSFUNCTION

Can't maintain an erection to the BOOST LOW TESTOSTERONE

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