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Testosterone Injections v.s Natural Supplements!

by Tim Weaver
(Dalton Georgia )

Testosterone Injections v.s Natural Supplements!

Hi Mark,

Do these Testosterone Boosters raise your natural levels of testosterone or just sex drive?

My test level stays very low, around the 250 mark.

I usually have to get small testosterone injections but they're still not high enough.

Would these supplements help me with that problem, or just energy and power and sex drive?

Do you think this if for me?


Testosterone Injections v.s Natural Supplements!

Hi Tim,

Good question!

Some of these supplements do raise testosterone levels directly. Probably the best examples are Tongkat Ali, and Passion Rx.

Tribulus Terrestris, increases luteinizing hormone production, which indirectly leads to increased testosterone levels.

Mucuna Pruriens increase dopamine levels, which boosts energy, sex drive, and motivation.

Yohimbe strengthens erections, and increases libido as well, but does so without directly boosting testosterone levels.

So in answer to your question, some do, and some don't....

I use testosterone booster as a generic term on this site for simplicity sake.

If a supplement increases energy, boosts erections, and elevates sex drive, it makes the list in my book.

Testosterone Injections v.s Natural Supplements!

If you're looking to really attack your low testosterone number, I'd recommend doing more than just taking supplements.

Remember, the natural testosterone boosters are the icing on the cake, that gives you that extra sweetness, when everything else is dialed in in your life.

In other words, when you've reduced estrogen in your system, cut body fat levels, cleaned up your diet, and packed on some muscle, that's when these herbs really shine.

But, if you're overweight, swimming in estrogen, not exercising, and eating a junk diet, the effects won't be nearly as profound.

You asked if these supplements were for you.

My answer?

If you're willing to work on all the items listed above, and stop the testosterone injections, I would say absolutely!

If not, then don't waste your time, or your money.

Thanks for your question!

Testosterone Injections v.s Natural Supplements to
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