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Our Top 5 Testosterone Boosters

Our top 5 testosterone boosters!

This list has been expanded to include our top 7 testosterone boosters.

Click Here to find the entire list, along with important information on supplement cycling.


Cycle your supplements, and they'll deliver the goods you're looking for each and every time you take them.

Fail to cycle, and you'll just be wasting your time and your money.

Read on for info on some of our previous top sellers...

Passion Rx

I'd have to say that Rx is my favorite sex boosting supplement. Seems like a lot of other people like it as well.

If you can only afford one testosterone booster, Passion Rx should be it.

Tongkat Ali

No surprise here. Tongkat ali is one of the most potent T boosters available. Now that Physicians Formulas has started offering a quality 100-1 Extract, at an affordable price, it's easy to buy this stuff now.

(Unlike the low quality junk sold on ebay, this extract actually works)

I can still remember the days when I used to buy directly from suppliers in Indonesia. Very long shipping times, and very expensive.

Axis HT

It always surprises me that this one sells so well. I'm not really too high on this supplement, because I find it to be too aggressive, too intense.

Maybe 4 or 5 years ago, when my testosterone was down in the basement, it would have sat better with me.

I'd recommend pulling the trigger on this one only if you have very low T levels.

Somatosome HGH

This one's new to the list, and I'm not at all surprised. I'm taking this stuff several times a week now. It doesn't need to be cycled as often as other testosterone boosters. I highly recommend this product.

Catuaba Power Max

Based on feedback from subscribers, I've learned, you'll either love this supplement, or you'll hate it. Seems like a lot of guys love it, because it came in at number 5.

Honorable Mentions


It's good to see that many of you are taking steps to prevent conversion of testosterone into estrogen. If you're taking testosterone boosting supplements, it very important that you also take a quality Chrysin supplement.

Blakoe Ring

The blakoe has never even made the top 20. This thing really took off when I found an ebay seller selling a better product at a fraction of the price of the original. Now it's extremely affordable. I'm betting this one will make the top 5 in the next quarter.

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