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Testosterone and Facial Hair!

by Mateusz

Testosterone and Facial Hair!

At first, let me express my strong appreciation for the awesome website that you've created. It's really informative and well-organized as well.

The reason why I'm writing this e-mail is that over the last few weeks I've been slightly worried about my level of my Testosterone.

To be honest, it was my little facial hair that drew my attention to this issue. According to some articles I've read, this may be one of the signs of low T.

For your information, I will be 20 in June and, unlike most of my friends, I have very little facial hair which I need to shave once in the blue moon.

My little research on this subject led me to the topic of testosterone levels in men.

After reading that irritability, lack of motivation, and mood swings may be the symptoms of one's testosterone problems, I got more interested in the topic.

Especially that I don't really look like a strong guy - my chest is slightly narrow and hips fleshy. Yet, I'm not overweight in any sense. I'm keen on sport and my body weight is at its normal level.

Testosterone and Facial Hair!

When I was younger, I was quite well-built, mainly due to the fact that I used to spend a lot of time helping my father at the building site. Later, however, I lost many kilograms, which made me look very different.

What perplexes me most of all is that, despite my occasional mood swings and lack of motivation, my sex drive is barely controllable.

I don't have a girlfriend, but sometimes I have the impression that maybe it's not a bad thing now, as I'm so sexually driven.

There are weeks when I feel like masturbating a few times a day and have very little influence over my drive.

So, my question is: Is it possible that I may suffer from low levels of testosterone?

Would you advise me to consult a doctor and test it?

Honestly, I'm a little confused because I've always associated testosterone-testing with older guys with their libido problems.

Do guys my age take such tests?

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Testosterone and Facial Hair!

Hello Mateusz,

I don't think testing is necessary in your case.

You're only 19, and you have plenty of sex drive, just as you should.

But, that doesn't mean potential problems aren't waiting for you just around the corner.

At your age, you shouldn't have a narrow chest, and fleshy hips.

The fact that you do, tells me you're headed in the wrong direction.

Remember, having an abundance of muscle is mother natures design for you right now.

You should be muscular, by default, and the fact that you aren't, means you're slipping out of alignment with the laws of nature.

The laws that state clearly, that you need to eat, and exercise according to certain guidelines.

Diet wise, this means eating the foods your ancestors have been eating for thousands of generations.

This would include, meat, fish, vegetables, nuts, fruit, seeds, etc...

It would not include, soy, bleached white flour, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and heat damaged oils, in clear plastic bottles.

In the exercise department, it means, infrequent, random, and very intense, with plenty of rest between sessions.

Combine the above, with a plan to avoid chemicals in the environment, and a system to keep estrogen levels under control, and you'll hang on to your masculinity for life.

Regarding the facial hair?

My gut tells me this is a genetic issue, but I don't have enough information to make that call for certain.

My advice?

Pack on pounds of muscle, and I guarantee you, nobody will be paying any attention to the hair on your face.

Good luck to you!

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