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Testicles Getting Smaller

by Jason
(Fort Collins, CO)

Testicles Getting Smaller!


Great site, Mark!

Here's my story.

My testicles have been getting smaller in size, plus, when I have an orgasm, I ejaculate a very small amount.

I've been reading all over your site, and all of this is starting to make sense to me now.

Here's what has changed in my life recently,

I've put on 30 or so pounds.

I've lost quite a bit of muscle

I completely stopped exercising

I lost control of my diet

I'm sure these are the cause of my problems.

In addition to the smaller testicles, I've also seen a corresponding decrease in libido, and a loss of "morning wood", as you would say.

Given the proper stimulation, I can still get a respectable erection, they just don't occur as frequently.

So, based on the information on your site, I'm sure my estrogen levels are higher than they should be, and chances are very good, my testosterone is low too.

Please give me your opinion on what I should do to fix the problems I've described above.

Thank you!

Testicles Getting Smaller!

Hello Jason,

Very good self diagnosis!

The excess body fat, and testicular atrophy are pretty clear signals that your estrogen levels are out of control.

The low sex drive, and loss of morning erections tells us your testosterone levels have most likely declined as a result.

What you need to do now, is get your testicles working, producing testosterone at high levels again.

You'll find that once you get your estrogen/testosterone back into balance, this will happen automatically.

Your testes will work their way back their previous size, and your ejaculation volume will return to normal as well.

Here's where I recommend you start...

Cycle Testosterone Boosters

Reduce Your Circulating Male Estrogen Levels

Begin Doing Testosterone Boosting Exercises

Switch to a Testosterone Boosting Diet

Good luck!

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