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Teenager Growing Male Breasts!

by Angela

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Teenager Growing Male Breasts!

I have spent time reading your site, and love the fact no doctors are involved.

I am a concerned mum of a teenage boy, he is 15 in May, and he has manboobs, and not a lot of muscle tone.

He is not really over weight, but from his neck to his navel he is quite flabby, his arms back and legs are fine.

I am guessing this is high estrogen, and low

Can I do anything that you have recommended on this site for him?

I can see his self confidence slipping away, which is so sad as he is a really good kid.

I also forgot to mention, he will not help himself, and I know one of your recommendations is diet.

I can monitor that at home but I know he will not adhere to it, when he is with his mates he eats lots of sugar and bad carbs.

If you do answer my mail, then thank you, I know you must be a busy man.

Regards Angela

Teenager Growing Male Breasts!

Hello Angela,

You're not going to be able to mother your son into being a man.

I'm sorry to say that, but it's true.

For this transition to occur, he has to own it completely. He has to want it himself!

Your focus on diet is correct, because diet is the most likely culprit here.

Refined carbs, sugar, bleached white flour, and junk fats are not the stuff that turns a boy into a man.

Low muscle mass, poorly developed teeth, excess body fat, and gynomasticia are exactly what you'd expect from such a diet.

Here's what I suggest you do...

Take your son, and place him in front of a full length mirror, with his shirt off.

Gently point out his belly fat, his low muscle mass, and his feminine looking breasts, then...

Ask him if he likes what he sees!

When he says no, send him to my site, and have him read the following pages...

Teenage Man Boobs & Gyno

How to Lose Man Boobs

The Testosterone Boosting Diet

Testosterone Boosting Exercise

When he's finished, say these exact words to him....

If you decide you want to do something about this, let me know, and we'll fix this problem together.

Then walk away, and never bring it up again.

When he comes to you for help, (which I know he will), do the following...

Buy him a cheap set of dumbbells, and do whatever it takes to find him a training partner.

His dad, an uncle, brother, cousin, neighbor, or friend.

Remember, if he has a partner, he'll stick to it. If he doesn't, chances are good he won't.

Then, start every single one of his days with a massive Man-Food Breakfast....

Steak, eggs, bacon, etc...

Make it a point to send him out of the house every morning, full to the brim.

This way he'll be less likely to fill up on junk while he's away from home.

To really make this work, you need to get all the low quality food out of your house.

You can't be living on chips, crackers, cakes, and biscuits, and not expect him to do the same.

Also, have a zero tolerance policy with any type of soy food.

Never eat it, talk about it, or bring it in the house, as soy is a highly estrogenic food.


Do not ever, nag, guilt, or prod him.

Like I said earlier, he has to own this himself, and you cannot push him into doing anything he doesn't want to do.

If you start nagging, he'll run the other way!

Keep in mind, there will definitely be bumps in the road, so don't expect perfection.

Teenager Growing Male Breasts!


Make sure you find him a training partner/mentor, as this is the key to his success.

Give him the tools he needs, support him as best you can, then lay back, and hope for the best.

That's about all you can do.

The rest is up to him.

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