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Sexual Conquest, Social Status, & Testosterone Production in Men!

Sexual Conquest Q&A

Hi Mark,

To what extent can low confidence actually decrease Testosterone?

I'm 30, single, always have been single and therein lies the rub.

I have reached a point in my life where I am FAR MORE concerned about the fact that I've always been single and lack sexual experience.

Embarrassing to say the least, as this affects how I see myself and whether I try to approach women.

And I think it actually decreases my T levels, especially at times when I focus on the problem.

Do you think this is likely?

What can I do to boost my self-image, confidence, and testosterone levels so I can get some sex going in my life before it's too late?

Thank you!

sexual conquest

Sexual Conquest, Social Status, & Testosterone Production in Men


Yes, I do believe that low self confidence CAN suppress testosterone production in men.

Science has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, that in primates, high ranking males have higher testosterone levels compared to their lower status counterparts.

In one study, researchers tested whether levels of testosterone in a group of unfamiliar male rhesus monkeys, would predict the eventual social status in that group.

Surprisingly, they didn't.

But, once the hierarchy was clearly established, researchers found that testosterone levels were up to 10 times higher in the high status males compared to the lower.

That's a BIG contrast!

Sexual Conquest testosterone

Studies in humans have come to similar conclusions...

Two men competing on a video game will both see T levels increase just prior to the match.

Once the match is complete, the winners testosterone will climb, and the losers will immediately go down.

And sex?

High ranking males from the jungles of Africa to the boardrooms of Manhattan will breed more, have more sexual opportunity, and more success with.........you guessed it, women!

These same men will see testosterone levels rise after sexual conquest, while the loser, who masturbates for sexual satisfaction, will see his hormones levels decline.

Social Status, Sexual Conquest & Testosterone Production in Men

Based on your message above, it's pretty clear that you are a lower status male right at this moment.

And I'd argue that, like any primate, YOU WILL continue to underachieve in the testosterone production department as long you remain at this lower status.

Sexual-Conquest-Social Status


When you win in life, whether it be in sports, business, or sexual conquest, you ALWAYS receive hormonal dividends.

But when you constantly lose in life, you pay out with those exact same hormones.

I know this all sounds terribly bleak, but there is some good news hiding among all this darkness.

Social status can change!

In the rhesus monkey study discussed above, baseline testosterone levels were not the determining factor of social status.

Winning was!

And wining is something you need to see more of in your life.

The fact that you have not had sex at the age of 30 is solid proof of this.

So what can you do about this situation?

This may sound strange, but your first order of business needs to be a sexual conquest.

sexual conquest-image

In other words, you need a woman in your life!

A female that you select, pursue, seduce, and ultimately capture.

These two posts here will help you accomplish this...

Female Seduction Techniques

The Signs of Physical Attraction


I've said this many times before, but it's worth mentioning again.

If you want more self confidence and the higher status that comes along with it, get really good at something.

Find your "THING" in life, then become the absolute best at whatever it is you chose.

Nothing will build up your confidence more than this.

sexual conquest testosterone production

Especially if this "THING" of yours produces income...as money will increase your power and social status in life.

Here's my suggestion to you...

Take your television set, your video game console, or whatever it is you waste time on, and throw it into the trash.

Then, do something very few men do in life.....Think Really Hard!

About where you'll be in 10 years if keep doing things the exact same way you are now.

Then decide what it is you'd RATHER be doing in life, and start doing it.

If fear holds you back, make the commitment small....say 20 minutes a day.

Do this, and at the end of a months time, you'll have put 10 hours into your new project.

sex conquest

Bump that time up to one hour a day and you'll invest 30 hours a month, 360 hours a year, and a whopping 3600 in a decade.

And what can accomplish in that amount of time?

The short answer is, just about anything you want!

Of course, your first order of business is to figure out exactly what that "THING" of yours is going to be.

Unfortunately, I can't help you with this...as you're the only one who knows where your passions lay.

What I can do is send you to the place where I Found Mine.

Sexual Conquest to Steroid Alternatives

Sexual Conquest to Boost Low Testosterone-Home

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