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Legal Steroid Alternatives!

How to Get Strong, Fast


Legal Steroid Alternatives! How to Get Strong, Fast

Want the killer body, without the testicular atrophy, hair loss, and man-boobs that steroids deliver?


Then I've got a plan for you.

I don't care whether you're 80 pounds overweight, or shredded to the bone, these techniques will put big time muscle on your frame, fast.

Fast, because I'm going to show you exactly how to place your body into a HIGHLY anabolic state, each and every time you lift.

A state where your body has no choice but to pack on pounds of muscle, quickly and efficiently.

Let's go...

Legal Steroid Alternatives!
How to Get Strong, Fast

You're going to need 5 essential ingredients to get started.

  • OTC Testosterone Boosters
  • Whole Milk (preferably raw and grass fed)
  • A Sexual Turn On (bear with me on this)
  • Your Training Equipment
  • Some Serious Attitude!

OK, lets begin...

First off, your primary workout MUST take place in a fasting state, the very first thing in the morning.

And why, you ask?

Because we're not just looking for a run of the mill weight training session here.

We're looking for a massive, over the top, ridiculous spike in growth hormone levels.

The kind of spike you'd expect if you we're the kind of guy who injected 10 IU's of the juice into your glutes every morning.

But, I'm going to assume you're not that type of guy, right?

Good, then read on...

Legal Steroid Alternatives!
How to Get Strong, Fast


Two components are needed to cause a natural spike in growth hormone levels.

  • A highly intense workout
  • Low fasting insulin levels

A weight training session, done first thing in the morning, accomplishes both of these tasks beautifully.


Studies have proven that short, highly intense exercise, especially when done in a fasting state, causes an immediate and profound increase in human growth hormone levels.

The most convincing trial looked at cyclists, who churned out very short and intense cycling sessions under controlled conditions.

Several men in this group saw growth hormone levels jump by a whopping 600 percent over baseline.

Another study looking at male sprinters found that a 30 second all out sprint boosted human growth hormone levels by more than 500 percent over resting baseline .

Yup, intensity, combined with low insulin, and short duration is a very powerful thing indeed.

Legal Steroid Alternatives!
How to Get Strong, Fast

Next up, Testosterone...


As you head into your routine, you want to max out testosterone levels as much as possible.

Here's how to get that done...

Begin your morning with a short edging session, done approximately 20 minutes before you begin your workout.

If you're new around here, you can read all about edging HERE.


It's been proven, time and again, that sexual stimulation has an immediate and powerful impact on testosterone levels.

Edging is a clean and efficient way to build this sexual tension, quickly.

But you must remember one very important point...

To get this hormonal hit, you must make absolutely certain that you do not ejaculate during your session.

If you do, you'll blow the force, and testosterone levels will decline as you head into your workout.

But if you hold off, your T levels will skyrocket, exactly when you need them to.

Legal Steroid Alternatives!
How to Get Strong, Fast

Next up, OTC Hormone Supplements...


On the big day, take a heavy dose of Tongkat Ali the very minute you wake up in the morning.

I recommend tongkat on lifting days, because it's impact on testosterone has been proven time and again, by myself, and hundreds of my site visitors.

Especially if you've been VERY diligent about Cycling It.

In other words, if you've taken a full week off since your last dose, you can bank on the fact that the testosterone will come on in spades.

Proof of this can be found in your motivation to attack the weights, and the increased sex drive, and energy that lingers on after your workout.

This spike, combined with the strong hormonal hit brought on by the edging, will ensure that your testosterone levels are maximized, to the hilt, as you enter into your weight training session.

Next Up, The Workout Routine...

I don't have room in this article to get into the specifics of weight training.

If you need help in that department, take the time to watch this short video.

For those who have the basics down, here's your plan...


As mentioned before, your weight training session needs to be highly intense.


The routine needs to be fairly short in duration.


Because the intensity is what gets the HGH and testosterone moving through your body.

And the short routines ensure that these anabolic hormones remain elevated for the duration.


If you spend too much time pounding the weights, the stress hormone, cortisol, will increase in your body.

And cortisol places you in a catabolic, or muscle wasting state, the exact state we want to avoid during our routines.

Keep in mind...

Everyone has a different cortisol threshold.

You can gauge yours by paying very close attention to how you feel after your session has ended.

If you're tired, cranky, moody and listless after working out, you've pushed too hard, and have entered the catabolic zone.

To get back to anabolic again, reduce the amount of time you spend training in future sessions.

Cut back until you get to the point where you feel invigorated, energetic, and highly motivated after your routines.

These are all clear signals that you've maintained your anabolic state, and you'll be rewarded with the muscle in the next 72 hours to prove it.

Legal Steroid Alternatives!
How to Get Strong, Fast

Next Up, Whole Milk...


Whole milk consumption, post training, is an old school bodybuilding technique that's been in use since the early 18th century.

The reason it's been around so long, is because it works like a charm!

Here's why?

Nature provides milk to infant mammals for one very critical reason...

To promote rapid bone and muscle development, in order to increase the infants chances of survival.

The primary ingredient in milk responsible for this rapid muscle growth, is whey.

But I have to warn you!

Don't go rushing out to buy a highly processed, fractionalized, whey protein powder, because real milk offers much more than just denatured protein.

Whole milk contains natural electrolytes, free form and branch chained amino acids, taurine, minerals, and a whole host of essential fat soluble vitamins.

And just as important, whole milk consumption increases the highly anabolic substance, IGF-1 in the body.

The same substance that works in concert with growth hormone, to promote rapid muscle accumulation and growth.

If you have problems tolerating regular milk, go raw and un-homoginized to side step the allergies and intestinal problems.

If raw is unavailable in your area, go for un-homoginized, cream at the top, organic milk.

Straus Family Creamery milk fits the bill, and can be found at many Whole Foods, and other speciality markets.

Legal Steroid Alternatives!
How to Get Strong, Fast

And that's your Legal Steroid Alternatives plan!

Follow these protocols exactly as described, and you'll discover first hand, that steroids, and all the negative side effects that come along with them are entirely unnecessary.

Need proof?

Then simply take a moment to view images of the old school bodybuilders below, who never went anywhere near a steroid!

Athletes who used intense exercise, ejaculation control, natural supplements, and on training days...

Good old fashioned milk, to build amazing physiques that would make any man proud!


Vince Gironda


John Grimek


Armand Tanny

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