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How to Attract a Girl! Female Seduction Techniques!

by Chip
(Savannah GA)

How to Attract a Girl! Female Seduction Techniques!

Hi Mark,

I've been an enthusiastic student of yours for almost a year now.

Over the last 11 1/2 months I've seen quite a few changes in my life.

I've lost quite a bit of weight, become more muscular, and have seen a big increase in my libido.

All this has motivated me in the love department, so I'm very eager to start a relationship with a girl.

Although I've been trying to make it happen, this has proven to be very difficult for me.

Even though I look and feel different, I'm still having the same bad luck with women as I had before.

Your recommendations have served me well so far Mark, so I'd love to hear your opinion on this.

Just tell me what I need to do, and I'll do it.

Thank you for the great website!

How to Attract a Girl! Female Seduction Techniques!

Hello Chip,

Your self esteem, confidence, and belief in yourself determines how well you'll do with women.

As a matter of fact, nothing else really matters.

Sure, how you look on the outside plays a small part, but most of the game is played upstairs, right there in your head.

I just spent the weekend with my woman in one of the newer, upscale hotels in Las Vegas recently.

This was one of those trendy places were all the beautiful people go to play.

It wasn't old school Vegas at all...

As a matter of fact, there wasn't a chain smoking, toothless, pump your social security check into the slot machines person to be found in the entire place.

Yup, it was a class joint, and for the most part, so were the women.

Whenever I'm in a situation like this, I look at the girls just like any other guy, but I also pay attention to the men.

Especially the average looking Joe's, who've somehow managed to score big in the female department.

Last weekend I saw a whole lot of that.

Short, lanky, fat, skinny, homely, bald, and sometimes downright ugly men, mixing it up in Vegas with gorgeous woman.

How do they pull this off?

How to Attract a Girl! Female Seduction Techniques!

The first thing you need to remember is, with women, visual arousal is not a requirement for sexual attraction.

As a male, where visual arousal is EVERYTHING this may be hard to swallow, but it's absolutely true.

In a woman's world, body language, words, and personality are much more important.

Trust me, you could look exactly like a male model, straight off the cover of GQ magazine,


If you avoid eye contact, are tentative and insecure, carry yourself poorly, and have nothing interesting to say, you're going nowhere.

On the other hand, if you...

Carry yourself with confidence, are witty, have some personality, and basic social skills, you'll score at will, once you learn a few basic rules of the game.

How to Attract a Girl! Female Seduction Techniques!

Think about this!

How often do you see a gorgeous woman, with an equally attractive man?

Not very often, right!

This is all the proof you need that women aren't that concerned with looks.

Perfect, and make the best of what you have, then forget about appearance.

Then, move on and go to work on your mental game.

Here's are some suggestions on how to do that...

Approaching Women!

You can't score if you don't play the game.

Think about it!

How are you going to find a women if you never even talk to one?

Here's how to get the ball rolling in this department...

Make it a goal to chat up at least one female, each and every day.

And no, you're not looking for a marriage proposal, a date, or even a phone number yet.

All that can come later.

What you're looking for is practice, plain and simple.

And just like any other skill, the more you practice, the better you'll get.

Work on Your Mindset!

Always remember, women want to meet men!

They don't want to be alone any more than you do.

The problem most men have is that they put women way up on a pedestal.

A babe walks by, and he thinks to himself, she's totally out of my league.

Well, let me tell you something!

If you're allowing that message to run through your head, you're exactly right!

She is out of your league!

The day you dump that mindset for good, is the day your world will change.

Focus on everything you have to offer, and never, ever put yourself down!

Believe in yourself, and all the good things you bring to the table.

Then take this belief, and project it out to the entire world, with supreme confidence.

Nothing in more attractive to a woman than this.

How to Attract a Girl! Female Seduction Techniques!

If you take action on the steps detailed above, the opportunities will definitely come to you.

As you proceed, you'll find that the easiest part of all this, is actually meeting the women.

Cultivating a relationship is the difficult part.

That being said, once you perfect a few skills, you can place yourself in the drivers seat.

In other words, you can make the relationship happen, if you decide that's what you want.

Here's how to go about doing that...

Move slow!

Moving in too fast smells like desperation to a woman.

Nothing is a bigger turn off than this, so make sure you don't make this fatal mistake.

Always take your time, wait for the appropriate social and visual ques before you make your moves.

If you're really paying attention, you'll know exactly when she's ready.

Then and only then will it be time to pounce.

Don't Be a Yes Man!

It's real easy in the early stages to come running any time she calls.

Don't fall into this trap!

Be a little mysterious about your whereabouts, and your routines, and she'll find you that much more interesting.

While cultivating the relationship, make it a point to tell her NO sometimes, even when you really want to say yes.

For example...

You get a text from her...

There's a party tonight, can you come with me?

When you text back and say, nope, I've got plans, guess who she's going to be thinking about all night?

And when you call back later to set up a date, she'll come running.

When the date finally does happen, it happens on your terms, with an eager and willing partner.

Even though they'll never admit it, women love it when a man takes control like this.

How to Attract a Girl! Female Seduction Techniques!

I could go on and one here, but I'm sure you get the point....

You can't win the game if you don't play it, so get out and talk to women.

Move slowly, project confidence, and always maintain control of the pace and timing of the relationship.

You can pursue her, but never let her know the chase is on.

You always want her to feel like she wants it a little bit more than you do.

That's really all there is to it!

One last thing before we move on...

You worked for a full year on your body, and look how all that work has paid off for you.

Put that same kind of focus on your mind for the next 12 months, and your payoff will be even sweeter.


It all start upstairs.

Maintain control of the thoughts that run through your brain, each and every day, and you'll maintain control over
your entire world.

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