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Obesity Carbs, & Testosterone!

by Robert

Hello Mark:

I am a 23 year old man who has recently gotten the results of a free and total testosterone test by my general physician.

To give you some references, I am pretty overweight for my height--250 at five foot ten.

I believe, to provide a ballpark relatively close range for bodyfat being 25-35%. I have tried to follow some advice in my gym to "bulk up" yet have added large amounts of fat in the process.

To get to the point, my total testosterone was at 394 ng/dl with a free level of 15.4, with my doctor citing it is within the normal range. I assume LabCorp did the test. The test was taken around 8-9 AM as well.

My doctor said I was normal and there was nothing he could do.

Is this a normal range for someone who is in the prime, or is supposed to be approaching the prime of his life?

Maybe too much body fat has something to do with it, as I was 180 lbs five years ago and had somewhat more vigor as they say.

I am committed to staying "natural" and won't follow any AAS route, since I had complications reactions to steroids when an illness occurred in my greater youth.

Basically, I don't want to be exposed to some of the consequences of drug use.

Regarding the Ball Zinger Penis Ring, could it be possible to get a decent galvanic charge by using pennies?

What I mean is that if the pennies made after 1982 are 97.5% zinc, all I would have to do is sand the penny to expose it, and find a copper penny before 1982, and sand it--which is relatively easy.

Now this may sound dumb, but couldn't you just take, say, 2-3 copper pennies (sanded)--put them on duct tape, take another piece of duct tape and put the zinc pennies on, then place the two pieces of tape on the lateral sides of a shaved scrotum?

It might be possible, but I am having some trouble believing a 2-6 cent device could perform on par with a $15-$25 Ball Zinger

I don't have a multimeter, so I can't measure the voltage if I decide to use it. I don't want to try and have a zinger shipped to my house and one of my siblings or parents open the package and be like WHAT?

I casually brought up the subject with my father and he said why do you want to zap your balls? He then motioned as if he was being shocked with a hearty chuckle, so I know now no one will take it seriously in my household.

Ideally, I'd like to have high normal range of testosterone-- or at least 600 at minimum. A Home Depot and Lowe's are in my area just in case it is possible to build a zinger from materials in those two stores.

Obesity Carbs, & Testosterone!

Hello Robert,

You're only 23!

When doctor man tells a guy your age, that testosterone levels of 394 and 15.4 are normal, something has gone way wrong in the world.

I will admit, you do fall within the reference ranges,


These ranges were compiled using statistics from a gene pool that includes 80 year old men, the morbidly obese, the sick, and the terminally ill.

At 23 you should be at the upper end, not near the bottom.

You're were wise to question the conclusions of your doctor, and I commend you for that.

Obesity Carbs, & Testosterone!

Unfortunately, it sounds like you've let things get a bit out of hand, Robert.

At 5 ten, and 250 lbs, I'd say you're closer to 35% body fat, than you are 25.

But that's OK...

You're sniffing around the web, looking for answers.

That tells me you're smart. Just as important, you're young as well.

You're going to be a relatively easy fix, because you haven't had enough time to do serious damage to your body.

You're testicles, if given the opportunity, will get back to work producing testosterone exactly as they were designed to do.

Given the chance, they'll knock your levels back into the upper range, in no time.

You asked about the Blakoe Ball Zinger Device.

If done right, your plan with the pennies should work!

The Zinger is a very simple device.

If you've got the zinc, and the copper, and can figure out a way to strap it on and make it stick, go for it.

Most find it easier just to drop the 20 bucks, and pick one up on ebay, but I understand why you can't go there.

But, at this point, I don't think your focus should be on the Zinger.

You need to make some lifestyle changes first.

Changes that will take work on your part, but will deliver all the goods you're looking for.

You see, the Zinger wouldn't be enough for you right now.

You have bigger issues, more important things to do.

Specifically, you need to drop some weight!

You need to see 180 again.

Once you've accomplish this, your male hormones will return.

Read on to discover to how to make this happen...

Obesity Carbs, & Testosterone!

Put your focus on these three areas...


Muscle Mass

Male Estrogen Levels

Remember Robert...

You need to attack this problem with everything you've got, because you're clearly at a crossroads right now.

Stay your current course, and that 250 you're carrying around will turn into 275, 300, or even more in the coming years.

Let that happen, and low testosterone levels will be the least of your worries.

You'll be morbidly obese, and operating on the fringes of society.

Standing on the outside looking in, while everyone around you goes about the business of life.

At this point, the only thing you'll have to look forward to is sickness, disease, and premature death.

Not a pretty picture is it?

Fortunately, this does not have to be...

As you move forward, keep this very important point in mind..

Your main focus needs to be diet!

You simply cannot hit 35% body fat, without serious over consumption of refined carbohydrates.

What are refined carbs?

Think, cereals, cakes, pasta, cookies, breads, chips, crackers, etc...

Replace these foods with proteins, and high quality fats from clean sources.

Follow this plan to a T, and the body fat will melt off you so fast, you'll be amazed.

Combine the diet with muscle building exercise, and the fat will come off even faster.


Once you've transformed your body into something you can be proud of, everything else will fall into place!

Good luck!

Obesity Carbs & Testosterone to Boost Testosterone-Home

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