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Wife Pleasure!

Testosterone & Success in the Bedroom

Wife Pleasure!
Testosterone & Success in the Bedroom

Have you lost your mojo in the bedroom?

Has that spark, that sexual excitement, between you and your woman died?

If it has, I'm not too surprised!


Because studies have shown that married men have lower testosterone levels compared to single men.

And if you have children, the gap is even wider.

And how does this effect you?

How about weak erections, low libido, and decreased sexual performance for starters.

But it goes way beyond just the sexual stuff...

When you lose your testosterone, you also lose your wit, your creativity, and your sense of humor.

All the tools you used to woo and romance your woman when you first met, don't exist anymore.

In other words, that funny, interesting guy, with a good sense of humor, has been replaced by someone you don't even recognize.

Wife Pleasure!
Testosterone & Success in the Bedroom

Any couple looking for sexual pleasure and excitement in the bedroom, needs one essential component.

A male with a strong hormone profile.


Because when the hormones are in the room, good things happen.

Get yours back up, and instead of laying around waiting for her to do so something, you'll get proactive.

You'll mix things up, try something new, keep the process exciting, and fresh.

Here's an interesting factoid you probably haven't heard before....

Women get bored with sexual repetition and routine faster than men do.

So if you go through the exact same routines, every single time the two of you have sex, she's going to get bored, and lose interest long before you will.

Your goal should be to maintain youthful testosterone levels, to avoid the apathy that leads to mindless sexual routine, and boredom on her part.

Wife Pleasure!
Testosterone & Success in the Bedroom

Here's are a few mental games you can play with your woman to keep things interesting for both of you.

Change Locations:

Instead of always having sex in the same room, get mobile.

Make it your goal over the next month to have sex in every single room in your house.

Change Positions:

If you've fallen into the habit of always operating in the exact same position, mix it up.

Every man should have at least 5 positions in his repertoire.

Change it up frequently, and I guarantee you, she'll love you for it.

Date Your Wife:

Get out of your bedroom, out of the house, and away from your kids.

Hit up a nice restaurant, then check into a hotel for the night.

Don't let her pay for anything, open doors for her, hold her hand, buy her a gift.

Trust me, nothing will light her up more than a night out like this.


Don't play the desperate, I need it more than you, part any longer.

This means you don't ever ask, beg, or plead....always assume sex is coming, and take command of the situation.

Woman want a man to take charge, to be in control like this.

Just don't go after it every single night of the week.

If you're practicing ejaculation control, sex should be a fairly infrequent event.

When it finally does happen, if you've played your cards right, she'll be as sexually charged as you are once the big day arrives.

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