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Longer Stamina!

Stop Premature Ejaculation & Last Longer in Bed


Develop Longer Stamina, Naturally!

If you're cycling Testosterone Boosters and practicing ejaculation control, you may have a problem.

An embarrassing problem called premature ejaculation, a common issue for those just getting started with the methods recommended on this site.

Think about it...

Your daily masturbation habit has now been replaced with one or two ejaculations per week, MAXIMUM.

Combine that with your new hormone supplements, which dramatically boost sex drive, and it's no big surprise you're shooting the mother load way ahead of schedule.

In the next few minutes, you and I are going to get a grip on this situation...

I'm going to teach you 2 techniques that will IMMEDIATELY give you longer stamina in bed, and I'll also explain why that bedroom stamina is so critically important to a man.

Let's get started...


Longer Stamina! Stop Premature
Ejaculation & Last Longer in Bed

I have a theory that goes something like this,

Quick sex that ends before it even gets started, leaving your woman TOTALLY unsatisfied, saps the male hormones right out of your system.

Think about it...

After an encounter like this, you never feel self assured, confident, or good about yourself.

But, when you rapture a women, and take her deep down that path of sexual bliss you're ALWAYS left with a major hormone high.

You've conquered the female, displayed your stud-hood in the arena that matters most, and your body and your mind both know it for a fact.

I guess you could call this "Sexual Success", and we all know that success is the foundation that most testosterone is built upon.

Here's Part 2 of my Theory...

To get that success, you need to walk out of the bedroom feeling like a man, every single time, not some failure who no longer has the ability to satisfy a woman.

My goal here is to make SURE you exit all sexual encounters with this powerful feeling inside.

That you always leave the room, with your self confidence, your manhood, and your male hormones intact.

Here's how to make that happen...


Technique Number 1: The Deep Thrust

To Deep Thrust put your penis all the way inside your girl, then move back and forth without pulling out too far.

You should only slide back half an inch or less before you thrust back in again, while rhythmically stimulating her clitoris with your pelvis.

Think bump and grind here, not spearing fish in deep water.

This shorter thrust will decrease stimulation on your end substantially, which will allow you to play the game MUCH longer.

And don't be concerned that your woman will not enjoy this method!

Most women experience more sexual satisfaction, due to the increased stimulation of the clitoris and G-spot this technique provides.

Technique Number 2: Stop Start

So you've been doing your deep thrusting, but you can feel the tension beginning to rise again. To shut down the climax at this point, here's what you need to do...

Stop Thrusting Entirely!

Let's use an analogy to demonstrate why this technique works so well.

Have you ever noticed how a bath feels extremely hot once you first step in, but after a few minutes the heat isn't so intense anymore?

This occurs because you've become acclimated!

You can get this same acclamation process going while testing the waters of your woman's vagina.


Here's how...

Once you feel the orgasm building, stop thrusting entirely, then kiss and talk to your girl while the sexual tension subsides.

If you play your cards right, she won't even notice the time out.

Once you've gotten the ejaculation under control, continue deep thrusting until the temperature begins to rise once more, then put it back into park again.

Continue on with this Deep Thrust - Stop Start process, and you will eventually become acclimated, and gain COMPLETE control over your ejaculation.

At this point, that allusive Sexual Success" will be well within your reach...you'll be in the drivers seat, with a highly aroused woman, and all the stamina you need to make things happen.

Now compare this scenario to an embarrassing 2 minute encounter, with a highly frustrated woman, and the damaged male ego that always seems to follow this type of sex.

Then, you tell me which guy is going to hit the hormonal jackpot!


Longer Stamina!
Stop Premature Ejaculation & Last Longer in Bed


Some men will only need to execute this Deep Thrust - Stop Start process 3 or 4 times to achieve longer stamina and control over the ejaculation process.

Unfortunately, some of you are aren't going to be so lucky.

If you've masturbated compulsively for years, your body has been trained to climax VERY quickly.

So quickly in fact, that you're going to need more than the two techniques described above.

You're going to need to retrain your body and your mind to operate MUCH differently to sexual stimulation from here on out.

The product I've been recommending for 3 years to help the hardcore cases achieve this is called Ejaculation Trainer.

It's by far the best Premature Ejaculation product on the market, and I've looked at them all.

I have several hardcore site regulars who absolutely SWEAR by this product.

As a matter of fact, you can hear an audio testimonial from one of them in the "Success Stories" box on the right hand side of the page.

The bottom line?

Most of you will be able to get a grip on this premature ejaculation issue simply by using the two techniques above.

But some of you are going to need more than that.

If this describes you, I highly recommend that you invest in yourself, and purchase the Ejaculation Trainer Product.

And not just for the hormones, the great sex, or the satisfied woman....but for the supreme boost in self confidence you'll experience once you gain complete control over your ejaculations.

Here's the Link


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