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Injections for Erectile Dysfunction!

Penile Injection Therapy Side Effects

Injections for Erectile Dysfunction

Injections for Erectile Dysfunction!
Penile Injection Therapy Side Effects

Medical man has come up with another "Band Aid" fix for erectile dysfunction.

It's called Erectile Dysfunction Injection Therapy!

Here's how this ingenious plan works...

20 minutes before sex time, you walk into your bathroom and grab a little vile of liquid, and a hypodermic needle.

Suck the appropriate dosage into the needle, then VERY carefully inject the drugs straight into your boy.

Sounds real pleasant, huh?

Blow it, and hit a vein and you may wind up with severe swelling, and a black and blue bruise for 10 days or more.

Some men experience bleeding from the injection site, or prolonged erections, that persist long after the fun has stopped.

Others suffer plaque build up inside the penis, fibrous tissue at the injection site, or painful, low level pain that gets worse when a man stands up.

Some of these side effects are dealt with by mixing up the drug cocktail, charting unknown territory, shooting from the hip, so to speak.

The most common of these renegade mixtures is a blend of Papaverine, Phentolamine, and Alprostadil.

But wait a minute!

This particular cocktail of drugs has never been tested or approved by the FDA as a treatment for erectile dysfunction.

I don't know about you, but I have absolutely no interest in playing the part of a lab rat, even for the sake of my erections.

Injections for Erectile Dysfunction!
Penile Injection Therapy Side Effects

If you were to take 100 men suffering ED, and penis inject them all at the same time, what do you think would happen?

I'll give you a clue...

About 20 of these poor souls still wouldn't be able to get it up, despite the injections.

Another 35 would suffer the dull aching pain discussed earlier.

Several may experience a priapism, or painful, embarrassing, prolonged erection lasting 5 hours or more.

Then there would be the bruising, the bleeding, the punctured veins, the headaches, and the dizziness....

But worst of all...

Not a single one of these men would be cured!

This means that the arterial blockage that caused the erectile dysfunction problems in the first place, would go on, unchecked.

And if this blockage continues to progresses, as it most certainly will, the injections will eventually stop working entirely.

Then what?

Injections for Erectile Dysfunction!
Penile Injection Therapy Side Effects

My advice to you?

If you're a man suffering with erectile dysfunction, do yourself a big favor and pass on the injections.

Treat your body as a whole from here on out, and don't waste anymore of your time chasing individual symptoms.

Make this mental shift today, and you'll take your first step toward regaining your health, and the erections no man should ever have to live without.

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