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Natural Aphrodisiacs!
Herbal Impotence Supplements!

by Ethan
(San Jose)

Natural Aphrodisiacs! Herbal Impotence Supplements!

I'm interested in learning about Supplements to Increase Sexuality.

I like to do everything naturally, and feel that herbs are the best way to treat many problems.

Could you please give information on some of the supplements you recommend, and also explain in a little more detail, why you feel it's not a good idea to take them every day.

I'm a 36 year old male, and slightly overweight.

I feel pretty good, but I have almost no sex drive, and I look a lot older than I really am.

My main problems are lack of sex drive, and early stage symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction.

Thanks very much, your site it is an excellent resource.


Natural Aphrodisiacs!
Herbal Impotence Supplements!

Hello Ethan,

How many times have you taken a Sex Boosting Supplement, and felt great the first time you took it?

Then, on the second dose, things cool down a little bit.

You may feel a little jolt, but nothing like you did the first time around.

On day 3, hoping to get that mojo back again, you try once more, only to be disappointed.

You feel nothing, because your body wised up!

The Negative Feedback Loop has kicked in, and that supplement is useless for you now, because you failed to do one simple thing.

You failed to cycle!

You see, if you had of taken that supplement for one day only, then put it down for a week, it would have retained it's magic.

The boost you got on day one, could have been repeated over and over again, week in and week out, if you'd have left big gaps between doses.

To really optimize this system, you need to keep a minimum of 7 testosterone boosters on hand at all times.

Take each for one day, and one day only, then move onto the next.

Take days off occasionally, when you wake up feeling it.

Cycle religiously, give the supplements space, keep your body off balance, and guessing at all times.

Do this and your supplements will never disappoint you again.

Combine this cycling system with...

Estrogen Control

A Testosterone Boosting Diet

Testosterone Boosting Exercise


An Erectile Dysfunction Penis Ring

And you'll get your erections, and your sex drive back in no time.


You asked for more information on the supplements.

Follow the link below, and scroll down to the bottom of the page for information on the products I use and recommend.

Male Testosterone Supplements

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