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Testosterone Boosters-Negative Feedback Loop!

Mark...thanks for your website...

I guess the one question that I would have as a physician is that once you increase your T levels, what keeps the negative feedback loop from kicking in?

Wouldn't the gonadotropin response from the brain diminish and the testicles cease to release testosterone?

I took Roaring Tiger for a while and had an awesome response initially...then after a few months my total T dropped and my estradiol level increased.

My total levels prior to Roaring Tiger were good....total T...700...estradiol...24.....just wanted to try something that would erase the old feeling "40" funk....would appreciate your feedback......thanks


I think the problem was, you took the same product for several months.

The key to my system is cycling, where you never use any single supplement too often.

The idea is to keep the body guessing and off balance.

I use Testosterone Booster as a generic term, but not all of the supplements I use and recommend work by directly boosting testosterone levels.

Yohimbe for example, improves energy, erections and sexual desire, but does not do so by directly increasing testosterone levels.

Same goes for mucuna pruriens, maca root and tribulus.

Tribulus stimulates the release of luteinizing hormone, mucuna increases dopamine production, and maca does something, but we're still not sure what that something is.

Attacking this problem from several different angles is what prevents the feedback loop from kicking in.

You're never on anything long enough for the body to adjust.

Finally, my site visitors who have the most success pay as much attention to estrogen as they do testosterone.

Most supplement with chrysin, avoid unnecessary chemical exposure, control alcohol consumption, and take steps to reduce body fat levels.

Hope that helps!

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