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Men with Boobs! Hormones Beer & HIT Training!

by Mark

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Men with Boobs! Hormones Beer & HIT Training!

I spend a lot of time on my site talking about the feminization of men in modern society.

Poor diet, excess weight, lack of exercise, limited sunshine exposure, medications, alcohol abuse, and environmental estrogen's are all slowly turning us into women.

I just vacationed for two weeks at my timeshare in Mexico, and spent a lot of time hanging around the pool.

The time share runs from Thursday to Thursday. After the first week ran out, just about everyone checked out and a whole new group came in.

This means I met a lot of people from all over the US and Canada during my stay there.

This isn't a young hip spot, it's more old school Mexico, so there were very few young guys there. I'd say the average age of the men was mid 50's.

That means most of these guys were only a few years older than I am, but trust me when I say this, they didn't look it.

Men with Boobs! Hormones Beer & HIT Training!

I really paid attention to the condition of these men, because that's my thing.

I'm always sizing guys up, checking to see who's losing the battle with estrogen, and who's winning.

Who's testosterone has fallen into the basement, and who's been able to hang on to the juice.

In this case there was a little bit of the good, quite a bit of the bad, and a boat load of the ugly...

In other words, during my entire stay there, I saw no more than a handful of guys who hadn't lost it, and lost it in a big way.

The vast majority of these men had a serious case of what I'd describe as man boob disease.

Yup, everyday, it was a real Gyno party around the pool.

There were quite a few minor cases, some a bit worse, and several full blown, over the top, what was THAT type cases.

By full blown, I mean many of these men could have, and should have been wearing bras, or some other sort of feminine support.

Men with Boobs! Hormones Beer & HIT Training!

The timeshare has one central area where the pool, restaurant, and snack bar are all located, so I was really able to get a good look at what these guys were doing on a day to day basis.

Here are a few things I noticed about some of the worst cases.

Most of them were big time beer drinkers.

Remember, beer is a very estrogenic substance due to the hops. 3.5 ounces contains about 30,0000 IU of estrogen. This explains why you'll rarely meet a big time beer drinker who's doesn't look half pregnant.

Cerveza and Mexico go together, so you can't blame a guy for drinking a few brewskies while down there, but with most of these guys, it wasn't just a few..

There was one guy who was, without a doubt, the worse case I saw the entire trip. He easily had C cup size boobs, and one of the biggest guts I've ever seen in my entire life.

He came in during the second week, and showed up at the pool around 9:30 am with a styrofoam cup in his hand. One look at him and I knew it wasn't coffee, which I later confirmed was a correct assumption.

Yup, he was drinking his first beer when just about everyone else was finishing up breakfast.

This went on all day long. Off to his room, fill up the cup, drink, rinse and repeat.

Later that night I went into town for dinner, and was sitting on the balcony at an upstairs restaurant that overlooks the town square. I glance of to my left, and guess who's there.

Yup, it's the guy with the big gut having dinner with his wife. I bet you can guess what coming next...

Yup...he had a fresh beer on the table, and an empty sitting off to the side.

This was at about 7:30 pm, so this guy had been going strong for a full 10 hours.

He was obviously an extreme case, but there were plenty of other guys not far behind him. A few of these men replaced beer with chips, soda, and other junk carbs. Different poison, but in the end, they all have the same effect.

Men with Boobs! Hormones Beer & HIT Training!

There was one guy that really stood out to me on this trip.

He wasn't real muscle bound, but he had a good physique.

He was lean, with medium sized, but nicely toned and shaped muscles. I'd say he was about 50, and he looked good for his age.

He had plenty of T, was confident and very social, so he spent a lot of time chatting up other people around the pool.

There's a barefoot bar in the common area where the beer drinking guys would congregate everyday, starting around noon.

He was always part of that group, talking with all the other men, but the funny thing was, I never once saw him with a beer in his hand.

He would sometimes drink, but he wasn't drinking beer.

Coincidence? I think not...

Men with Boobs! Hormones Beer & HIT Training!

My timeshare unit is on the sixth floor of a high rise building overlooking the ocean.

When I got there, I made the decision that I was never going to take the elevator on this entire trip, and I kept that promise to myself..

On average, I estimate that I ran up and down from my room about 10 times over the course of a day.

This means I flew up 60 flights of stairs on a daily basis. That's a decent workout for just about anyone.

A funny thing happened as a result of this.

Even though I ate and drank way more than I normally do, (this was a vacation after all), I lost weight on this trip.

Even more interesting, I bulked up. On about the 6th day, I walked by the mirror with just my swim suit on, and said to myself, you looked pumped!

Remember, high intensity exercises like stair climbing, sprints and jump rope, boosts human growth hormone and other male androgens.

A good session of high intensity sprints will pump you up the following day, just like a session with the weights will.

That's why sprinters have such amazing physiques.

I remember reading an article from a famous bodybuilder about 5 years ago. The interviewer asked him if he could only do one form of exercise for the rest of his life, what would it be.

His answer was sprints. I was surprised at the time, but now I have to agree with him.

Men with Boobs! Hormones Beer & HIT Training!

The night before we left, we went into town and whooped it up. We came in around midnight and headed up to our room.

The wife jumped on the elevator, and I hit the stairs once again.

I was hopping up them at a good clip when I hear someone behind me. It surprised me, because in my 2 week stay there, I rarely saw anyone taking the stairs.

I kicked it into high gear, and started taking them two at a time, but I could still hear the footsteps.

I finally hit the 6th floor, and turned around to see who else was crazy enough to be running up the stairs in the middle of the night.

About 5 seconds later a guy comes flying around the corner not realizing I had stopped. We made eye contact and both burst out laughing.

He was trying hard to run me down, and we both knew it.

The funny thing was, when I first saw his face, I wasn't a bit surprised.

Can you guess who it was?

I'll give you a hint!

It wasn't the guy with the beer, the boobs, and the big gut!

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