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Interval Fitness Training!

HIT Facts & Information


Here are some fact on sprints and interval fitness training

Sprinters have higher testosterone levels than average, while endurance runners have lower than average testosterone levels.

Sprinters carry more muscle mass than endurance athletes.

A 2003 study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology, on sprints showed that 15 minutes of interval fitness training over a two-week period was enough to improve exercise performance by almost 100%.

Interval training for weight loss?

A study from 1994 compared aerobic versus sprint exercise using a cycle ergometer. The sprint group lost over 3 times as much body fat as the aerobic group despite expending less than half as many calories during exercise.

Compared to endurance exercise, sprints give you..

  • More muscle mass
  • More weight loss
  • Higher testosterone levels
  • Higher growth hormone levels

All While Spending a Fraction of the Time Exercising!

There are several ways to go about sprinting. They include,

  • Traditional sprints
  • Stair climbing
  • Hills
  • Jump rope
  • cycling interval training
  • Pool sprints

Treadmill interval training anyone?

Absolutely! You can also get an outstanding interval training workout indoors on a treadmill. Boost the incline, and follow the directions below....

Here's how you do it..

Work out on 3 non consecutive days per week.

Start by warming up. Whichever sprint method you choose, start it out at a moderate pace before you begin the routine.

This is critical, as you're very likely to injure yourself without a proper warmup.


Sprint all out for 15 - 20 seconds


Recover for 1 to 2 minutes, and repeat.

In the beginning, start off with 3 intervals. Add one interval per week until you reach between 6-8 repetitions.

Things to watch for,

You should be completely winded at the end of the sprint, and unable to carry on a conversation. You might even feel a bit queezy. That's normal

You should feel a nice burn in your legs, especially towards the end of the interval.

This means you've surpassed the lactate threshold, and your body is about to reward you with a nice dose of human growth hormone.

Your session should last 20 minutes, Max! Do not overtrain, or you'll see a drop in testosterone levels.

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